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Korea on The Move

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Past Program

Date : 2016-06-03

Together, Open an Era of Peace

The wind of the reunification in the Korean Peninsula,
we examine Korea's reunification policies that are the first step for the Northeast Asia's peace as well as for the world peace, we listen to the opinions of the experts for the reunification by the local news coverage in Germany.
In addition, we try to sense the change in the Korean peninsula by an actual visit to the DMZ by Las, a young man from Germany who visited Korea for a trip.

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Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Kim Hyung-seok
- Moon Jun-sang
- Han Won-ho
- Ji Min-wook
- Kang Tae-woon
- Ha Jae-hee
Assistant Director
- Cho Dae-un
- Kim Yu-min
- Lee Jung-hee
- Lee Jung-yeol
- Lee Eun-hee
Assistant Writer
- Seo Ji-hee
- Lauren Chang