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Taste of Wisdom

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Date : 2014-11-21

Korean's soul food, kimchi

- Indispensable part of Korean cuisine.

- Korean's soul food, kimchi.

- Kimchi's potential and competitiveness tempt the tables around the world.

Kimchi is an indispensable menu on the Korean table.
It always accompanies Korean meals, whether it be Korean food, Japanese sashimi, or barbecued meat. Why do Koreans enjoy kimchi so much?
What appeals do kimchi have?

This episode tells you everything about kimchi.

The host visits a rural village in North Chungcheong Province to learn about the cabbage harvest, communal kimchi-making event, the making of the kimchi filling, and how to make dongchimi, the clear watery radish kimchi.
Made with assorted vegetables and salted fish, kimchi is unbelievably rich in protein, calcium and minerals. Koreans were able to survive the long harsh winter of the past by eating kimchi, the main source of nutrients during the times when there wasn't enough to eat. The episode highlights kimchi, the Korean's food of wisdom.

Experts also tell us about the amazing efficacies of kimchi, from fighting cancer and preventing influenza to helping with hyperlipidemia and weight loss.

As the popularity of Korean pop culture mounts around the world, more and more foreigners profess their love for kimchi. They come to Korea to learn more about kimchi and the make-your-own-kimchi program has become a favorite of foreign tourists.

Professor Connie Deady of Woosong University saw kimchi's potential for globalization and came up with a variety of kimchi fusion recipes that are easy to follow.

Kimchi embodies the life of Koreans from long ago. Kimchi is definitely the Korean's soul food, the essence of Korean's affectionate heart and the spirit of sharing.

To learn this and more, tune in to [Kimchi, the Korean's Soul Food], the fourth episode of "Taste of Wisdom," the documentary series about Korea's fermented foods.

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Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Kwon Tae-chul
- Choi Han-Young
- Kim Joo-sun
- Kang Su-seok
- Joe Seong-hyeok
- Kwon Yong-chan
- Soung Gin-man
- Kim Jeong-eun
- Hong Jonge-hwa
- Kang hyeon-mi
- Park Hye-jeong
English Editor
- Jiah Kim
- Gu In-hee
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- Wing Production
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