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'Black Market Generation' to Change North Korea #179

Past Program

Date : 2014-08-29

'Black Market Generation' to Change North Korea

North Korea has faced changes since Kim Jong-un took power. And one of them is young generations in their 20s and 30s who have advanced into society.

These young generations are so-called "Jang-ma-dang" generation, which means "black market" generation.

And there is a young North Korean defector who has actively involved in promoting changes in the North Korean society. On today's AFTER 10, we are joined by Park Yeon-mi, 22 years old North Korean human rights activist.

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Executive Producer
- Kim Joong-shik
- Choi Sung-min
- Sohn Ye-hyoung
Assistant Director
- Cho Myoung-soo
- Yoon Jung-hye
- Seo Hye-mi
English Writer
- Mun Na-rae
- Scott Thompson
- Sean Lim
English Editor
- Scott Thompson
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