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Edventure in Asia

#9/ Ulan Bator, Mongolia

Past Program

Date : 2016-07-13

Ulan Bator, Mongolia

Edward's 9th Destination is Ulan Bator, Mongolia.
Mongolian people has developed a distinctive food culture heavily relying on meat and daily product because of their nomadic lifestyle on barren plain. Edward happened to meet a Korean chef at a luxurious hotel, and learn how to make a noodle soup dish with lamb head broth. As per the chef's advice, Edward visit a ger, the traditional tent of the nomads, and learn how to cook Hurhug, the traditional lamb dish of Mongolia. Let's follow his spectacular journey of Mongolian food culture.

Cecilia Flores-OebandaThe Mother of lostCecilia Flores-OebandaThe Mother of lostCecilia Flores-OebandaThe Mother of lost>
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Kwon Tae-chul
- Choi Han-young
- Choi Yong-jae
- Im Kyeong-seop
- Woo Ye-won
- Cha Ji-hyeon
English Editors
- Kim Jiah
- Gu In-hee
Directed by
- CREO Contents
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