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Pops in Seoul
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- Jeon Haeng-jin
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- Lee Jin-won
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Pops in Seoul

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : MON to FRI 15:30 KST

Pops in Seoul
Jeon Woo-sung (Serenade)

ballad song where Jeon Woo-sung's vocals, which grow deeper and richer toward the chorus, stand out. Jeon Woo-sung will tug at your heartstrings with his warm yet melancholy vocals.

Pops in Seoul
Spin The Roulette
ONF (Complete)

This is the lead track of ONF's second mini album, "YOU COMPLETE ME." This song has a fast house beat that gives off a refreshing feeling. The contrasting colors of the verses and the chorus make the group appear as boys at times and as men at others. The line, "I'm not sure whether you'll believe me, but I need you to be complete," perfectly captures the message of this song.

Pops in Seoul
K-POP Hot Spot

This is the debut song of PRISTIN V, the first-ever unit from PRISTIN. It's an R&B pop song with ratchet elements that highlight their intense energy. The members show their free-spirited side, as they candidly express that they'll do whatever it takes to get what they want.

Pops in Seoul
Boyfriend (STAR)

This is the lead track of Boyfriend's fifth EP, "NEVER END." It's a tropical pop song produced by member Jungmin with Superkiro and Jooheon of MONSTA X. The minimal use of musical instruments allows the listeners to focus on the vocals and listen to the lyrics. The arrangement style accentuates the unique vocals of each of the six members. The lead synth sound will remind you of a night sky that's full of stars.