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Pops in Seoul
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Pops in Seoul

What's on This Episode

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Pops in Seoul

This is the lead track of SONAMOO's second part of their album series, "HAPPY BOX Part 2." This song has a great fusion of an acoustic guitar sound and saxophone riff. The title has a double meaning, referring to "I" and the word, "child," in Korean, which is a homophone of the title.

Pops in Seoul
Urban Zakapa (We Were Two)

This is the lead track of Urban Zakapa's third single record of the same name. It's a lyrical ballad song in simple arrangement that describes one's yearning for the past. It also conveys the complex feelings associated with "yearning."

Pops in Seoul

This is the lead track of EXID's fourth mini album, "Full Moon." This song sends out a message to all the men who are deceitful, as it is obvious that they're lying from the way their body shake. The humming theme created with LE's voice sounds quite catchy.

Pops in Seoul
B1A4 (Rollin')

This is the title track of B1A4's seventh mini album. Written by Jinyoung, "Rollin'" has a combination of tropical house and band sounds. It tells a story of falling in love with someone, and describes the complex emotions associated with love through the repetitive lyrics.