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Ep.55 #Tactile avatar, a tactile sensing system #Virus detection for food safety #Digital hologram technologies

World Ch. Schedule : WED 07:30 KST

Date : 2021-10-27

BizTechKOREA - Ep.55
Tactile avatar, a tactile sensing system

On this week’s #Lab_Tube, we introduce the Advanced Electronic Device Research Group of the Department of Information and Communication Engineering at Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology, which has developed a tactile avatar for the artificial tactile sensing system. It has developed a multi-functional tactile sensor which can measure the information on surfaces including temperatures, hardness and shapes. Also, by collaborating it with machine learning technologies, a system that can mimic different tactile sensations has been developed. The system is expected to become the first step to the future inferface between humans and the system as it delivers emotions. Also, it can make decisions on likes and dislikes in the e-commerce market instead of consumers. It can be applied as tactile technologies for the virtual world. The research team has been developing an artificial tactile sensing system by making use of voltages. We introduce the research team of Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology, which has led the growth of future tactile sensing technologies.

#Daegu_Gyeongbuk_Institute_of_Science_&_Technology #tactile_avatar #artificial_tactile_sensing_system #virtual_reality #robot #fourth_industrial_revolution #BizTech_KOREA #Arirang_TV

Virus detection for food safety

A lot of different viruses and germs can be easily found in any area of our daily lives. Due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been growing concerns over germs and viruses. And on this week’s #BizTech_Brunch, we talk about virus detection technologies which are necessary for the health and safety of people. According to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, the number of food poisoning cases is high especially in August and September due to high temperatures and increased humidity. And it has led to the growth of technologies for strengthened food safety. A domestic company has developed a technology that can detect bacteria which causes urinary tract infection more accurately and rapidly. Also, a super bacteria detection kit was developed by the Korea Basic Science Institute. A lot of other technologies that can enhance hygiene control have been developed. And the government is planning to allocate over 600 million U.S. dollars to increase safety of food. We explore virus detection technologies which have achieved rapid growth and have been applied to a wide range of areas including the food and cosmetics markets.

#food_poisoning #urinary_tract_infection #bacteria #Ministry_of_Food_and_Drug_Safety #virus #fourth_industrial_revolution #BizTech_KOREA #Arirang_TV

Digital hologram technologies

Hologram, which refers to 3D images, has been applied to a lot of different areas. On this week’s #Hash_Tech, we introduce the application of digital hologram technologies. First, we visited a special place which looks like an ordinary park during the daytime and turns into a mysterious space at night. The hologram technologies that are applied to the place can project images through a special unseen screen so that the audience can enjoy vivid and lively images. Also, we introduce a live streaming service that provides hologram images. When a person moves at a chromakey studio, the images are composed on the monitor in real time. The hologram streaming technology which can be realized at a special live studio has been actively applied to untact performances in order to increase the vividness. We explore the rise of digital hologram technologies, which provide vivid and dynamic experience to people.

#light #experience #LIVE #5G #untact#fourth_industrial_revolution #BizTech_KOREA #Arirang_TV