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Ep.83 Evolution of smart ICT toys, Empathetic haptic skin, Rising camping trends

World Ch. Schedule : WED 07:30 KST

Date : 2022-05-18

BizTechKOREA - Ep.83
Evolution of smart ICT toys

Along with the rise of the fourth industrial revolution, toys have continuously evolved. On this week’s #BizTech_Brunch, we introduce the rise of smart toys which have implemented cutting-edge ICT skills. A growing number of children have experienced smart devices and it has given a boost to the smart toy industry. A domestic company has developed a platform which can customize robots simply by clicking online. Also, it will provide a function that enables users to upload the created robots on the metaverse and enjoy them like playing games. A popular Korean animation “The Haunted House” was reproduced with toy blocks and it has collaborated with XR technologies. Also, Gangwon-do Province has injected 12 million dollars from 2019 to 2022 to build a smart toy industry complex. We talk about the rise of smart toys which have evolved together with cutting-edge technologies.

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Empathetic haptic skin

Along with the rise of interactive robots including humanoid and pet robots, there’s been a growing demand for robots that can provide emotional interactions with humans. And it has given a boost to the studies on interactions between humans and robots. On this week’s #Lab_Tube, we introduce the Interaction Lab. of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at KOREATECH. The research team has combined hydro gel with polyvinyl chloride gel, which is a main material for plastic wraps. And they have produced a tactile sensing cell. When attaching the haptic sensor to the robot and provide pinching and stroking, the robot can sense various types of haptic sensations and show emotions. Also, the research team has developed a flexible haptic actuator by making use of the wrap material. When attaching it to the back or head of pet robots, it can form rough or soft sensations according to different emotions of the robots. We look into the ongoing effort of the research team which has developed an advance haptic skin for robots.

#KOREATECH #Interaction_Lab. #haptic_skin #robot #haptic_sensor #fourth_industrial_revolution #BizTech_KOREA #Arirang_TV

Rising camping trends

The growing number of people have enjoyed camping to satisfy their thirst for travel, which has been caused by the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic. On this week’s #Hash_Tech, we explore diversified camping trends. We introduce a special camping space which can help people set up the tend more conveniently. This is a place where we can meet a unique space for camping. And a huge object with wheels catches people’s eyes. When the button is pressed, the top is opened at the same time. This is a tralier that is comfortable to carry and can be put up easily. It can be set up in 2 minutes simply by pressing the button. Also, it can be connected to a car, so it has gained popularity among beginners. Moreover, we introduce a place which provides eco-friendly camping supplies and clothing. And it provides pots and seeds to help people join environmental protection. We explore the rising camping trends.

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