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Ep.08 #Research trends on sterilization technologies #Nano water drops for sterilization #Removal technologies for fine dust & viruses

World Ch. Schedule : WED 07:30 KST

Date : 2020-12-02

BizTechKOREA - Ep.08
VCR1. Research trends on sterilization technologies

Sterilization technologies have emerged as a significant element for people’s daily lives along with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. On this week’s #BizTech_Brunch, we talk about the latest research trends on sterilization technologies. A sterilization robot, which has implemented an autonomous driving technology, has recently garnered a lot of attention. And a domestic company has developed a sterilization robot that applied a highly-integrated UV LED as well as a 6-axis robot arm. It can freely move and sterilize the ceiling and floor. Also, the robot is expected to be applied to different areas for more effective sterilization. Moreover, a device that can sterilize escalator handrails, which are touched by a lot of people and commonly colonized by bacteria, has been developed. And a UV sterilization system for elevators has also been introduced to relieve people’s concerns over infections. We introduce the sterilization technologies which have been developed based on the research and development activities of researchers and companies, for the vitalization of the national economy.

#sterilization_technology #sterilization_robot #escalator_sterilization #elevator_disinfection #COVID_19 #fourth_industrial_revolution #BizTechKOREA #ArirangTV

VCR2. Nano water drops for sterilization

This week on #Lab_Tube, we explore the research team led by professor Lee Seung-seob of Mechanical Engineering at KAIST. They have promoted researches on the sterilization technologies that make use of nano water drops. By producing ultra-fine polymer nozzles, the research team has developed a technology for electrostatic atomization, which can mass-produce ultra-fine water drops with a sterilization effect. Ultra-fine water drops contain OH radical, which is a substance that has strong oxidizing power for the sterilization of germs and viruses. When using general nozzles, harmful ozone is created, but when using the nozzles developed by the research team, micro water droplets that do no harm to the human body can be produced. And the technology has gained ground in the global field. When the technology is commercialized, it can be used for the production of air purifiers or humidifiers. And it can contribute to providing a more healthier and fresher environment. We look into the Mechanical Engineering research team of KAIST, which has given hope amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

#KAIST #Department_of_Mechanical_Engineering #sterilization_with_water_drops #ultrafine_polymer_nozzles #sterilization_technology #fourth_industrial_revolution #BizTechKOREA #ArirangTV

VCR3. Removal technologies for fine dust & viruses

It has become more difficult to enjoy sunny days because of the fine dust and it has bring about a harmful impact on the human body. Therefore, face mask has become an essential item for daily lives. Along with the COVID-19 spread that has spanned the globe in 2020, advanced sterilization technologies have been developed. A domestic company has developed an air shower that can block the fine dust from outside. The turbo air shots which are installed in different parts of the machine can block ultra-fine dust and viruses coming into the indoor space. Also, the LED sterilization can prevent the inflow of harmful substances, viruses and even the coronavirus. As it has implemented an indoor air purification system, it can increase the air quality. Moreover, a sterilization lamp which can decrease the level of pollution only within 30 minutes has been developed. A photocatalytic material is spread on the socket. Therefore, it can expel mosquitos and provide sterilization and purification effects. We explore various sterilization technologies that can increase safety of different spaces.

#sterilization_technology #sterilization_lamp #air_shower #blocking_fine_dust #eradicating_viruses #fourth_industrial_revolution #BizTechKOREA #ArirangTV