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Money Monster

Ep.120 [ 3D printing materials / untact welfare solutions / officeless market ]

World Ch. Schedule : WED 07:30 KST

Date : 2020-09-16

Money Monster Episode 120
Evolution of “3D printing materials”

Development of materials is the most significant element for the growth of the 3D printing into a major manufacturing technology. There has always been concerns over the durability of the printed structures. It is because of the possibility of the 3D printing materials to be deformed at high temperatures. A photopolymer resin has been developed and it can change from a liquid to a solid stage when exposed to light. The printed models are not broken easily even when hitting them strongly with a hammer. Also, when pouring hot water into the structure, the original shape can be restored thanks to the memory shape function. The photopolymer resin is expected to enhance the productivity and tap into diversified markets including automobiles, drones, helmets and wearable devices aside from medicine and bioindustries. There has been concerns over the printing materials that are created based on the photopolymerization as they might be harmful to the human body. Therefore, a domestic company has developed an eco-friendly non-toxic material that has improved the existing problems. And the material is used for the production of face shield as well as nasal swab, which can prevent the spread of droplets that might cause the COVID-19 infection. We introduce the future of the 3D printing industry along with the development of new 3D printing materials.

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Rise of “untact welfare solutions”

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread in Korea. And it has led to the absence of welfare services for the vulnerable groups in society. Therefore, a lot of welfare services have introduced non-face-to-face measures. A wearable device has emerged as a solution to tackle the absence of the care services for the elderly. Unlike the existing wearable bands, a human body communication technology has been applied to the device. So the data on a user can be recorded through touching. Therefore, rapid responses can be made in case of emergency situations. A socially assistive chat robot which can emotionally interact with users has been developed. Different sensors are embedded in the AI chat robot, so the lifestyles of the elderly can be monitored for 24 hours a day. It can offer emotional communications, so the services have obtained positive responses from users. We look into the rise of untact welfare services, which have implemented advanced technologies and increased the satisfaction level of service users.

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A new way of working, “officeless market”

The untact culture, which has spread along with the COVID-19 pandemic, has deeply changed the lives of people all around the world. A new lifestyle which avoids close contact with others for infection prevention, has also changed the way people work. It has led to the rise of a working environment which enables people to work without restrictions on time and place. “Officeless“ market has garnered a lot of attention as an effective and new way of working. A seat reservation system has been developed by collaborating a heat detecting technology with ICT skills including an AI-based face-recognition solution. Users can search for seats and make reservations more conveniently with a kiosk. What is more, an electronic nameplate system was developed for more flexible reservation of seats and monitoring of diligence and laziness. It shows the date, time, seat number, name of the employee and hours of use. Also, urgent announcements can be checked rapidly at a glance. Hub office, which enables workers to choose the office that is close to their house, can escape from the concept of traditional offices and build a more flexible working environment. We explore the officeless market, which has risen as a preemptive measure that can deal with the rapidly changing working environment amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

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