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Tour Avatar

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : MON 11:05 KST

Date : 2017-09-25

Tour Avatar2 Ep.01 Andong-si [Avatar: The EastLight]

The breezy fall season! [Tour Avatar] is back with Season 2!!
Chef Wonil & TheEastLight.'s Andong story kicks off the new season

[Tour Avatar Season 2] is back after 3 months
Where is Chef Wonil and the Part-time Avatars' 1st destination?!

For the first time in Tour Avatar history! The Uncle Avatar and Nephew Avatars have united!
Who is the Part-time Avatar that is 24 years younger than Chef Wonil?
TheEastLight. EUN SUNG & SA GANG & WOO JIN's first Andong trip
The Avatars experiencing and feeling the living and breathing traditional culture of Andong!
Who is the Dado King chosen by Chef Wonil?

The Avatars felt peace and serenity in the nature that they weren't able to feel in the busy city of Seoul!!
Want to find out the Avatar who can indulge in meat even more than Chef Wonil?
Want to know about the fun and entertaining Andong trip?
September 25th, 11:05AM(KST) on Arirang TV! Don't miss out!

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