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What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 06:30 KST

Date : 2018-01-19

BizSmart - Episode 43
Megagen Implant, developing dental implants
Dental implants can replace natural teeth that are decayed or damaged by injuries. Megagen Implant is a company specialized in developing dental implants in various designs, and it has garnered a lot of attention in the global implant market. The company has developed about 1,400 different types of dental implants which have improved durability and help quick recovery. A computer simulation program called R2Gate, which was developed by the company, has enabled the 3D simulation of the entire treatment procedure. We report on Megagen Implant, a company that has developed its own technologies in order to strengthen its position in the global market.
DYSOLUTECH, making filters for heavy equipment
DYSOLUTECH has produced various types of filters for heavy construction equipment. As the only filter manufacturer in the domestic market that is specialized in providing filters for heavy equipment like excavator and crane as well as engines for machines, it has delivered the goods to major companies like Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction. Oil filter, air filter and fuel filter are the main products developed by the company and it has continuously developed new products to strengthen its position in the field. We introduce DYSOLUTECH, a company that is expected to lead the filter components industry based on the accumulated experiences for the past three decades.
Myung San, a manufacturer of core power plant components
Myung San is a company that produces and provides essential components for power plants. It has focused on processing and manufacturing the products that have been widely used for various industrial fields including power plants. It makes products with high durability by implementing manufacture execution system and provides them mainly to steel, valve and heavy industries. A high-frequency smelting furnace was installed to bring about changes in the metal casting industry which has been a declining field because of the environmental issues. We look into Myung San, a company that always tries its best by remembering a fresh mind they had when starting the business.