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What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 06:30 KST

Date : 2017-09-22

BizSmart - Episode 26
JN's Tech, developing hydrogen water purifier

JN's Tech is a company that has developed hydrogen water purifier which can get rid of reactive oxygen species that accelerate aging. Based on the advanced technologies that can produce hydrogen water, the company has achieved a lot of patents and certificates. Also, along with the establishment of the R&D Center, it has focused on promoting eco-friendly businesses, improving the designs of the products and diversifying the distribution channels. We introduce JN's Tech, a global manufacturer of hydrogen water purifier which is expected to start exports to Japan and broaden its businesses in the Vietnamese market as well.

BizSmart BizSmart, developing 3D printed prosthetic hand is a company that has manufactured electronic prosthetic hands based on the 3D printing, scanning and designing technologies that are one of the major parts of the fourth industrial revolution. The company has developed its own circuit-type sensor that can effectively detect the muscle movements of people. Also, the electronic prosthetic hand can be charged with a USB port, just like charging smartphones. And such an advanced charging method has been introduced for the first time in the global market. has been participated in the project that provides electronic prosthetic hands to the refugees in troubled areas like Syria and Jordan by cooperating with KOICA. We look into, a company that has expanded the supply and demand for the 3D printing technologies by developing electronic prosthetic hands and has given new lives for people with mutilated hand injuries.

BizSmart BizSmart