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What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : TUE 06:30 KST

Date : 2017-09-21

InsideBiz Episode 26
Rise of biometrics in information security sector

Growing number of domestic companies have introduced biometric methods. Along with the abolishment of the obligatory use of certificates by the Financial Services Commission, various industries related to safe authentication methods have achieved significant growth. It has led to the development of a variety of advanced biometric technologies which used to be seen in the movies. Along with the arrival of the era of digital finance, the domestic financial sector has implemented advanced biometric authentication services which include measurement of iris or veins. Also, the government organization has introduced a face recognition system for self-authentication along with the existing access control system which use the IC card. On Smart Korea, we look into diversified biometrics technologies which is expected to achieve further development in the near future.

InsideBiz InsideBiz
Food truck, small business with little capital

Food truck has been considered as a part of the deregulation efforts promoted by the government. It is a newly emerged business in the food industry which enables people to start their own businesses with little capital. The government legalized food trucks as part of an effort to tackle the youth unemployment issue. However, it has faced a lot of challenges including the lack of business places and difficulties in creating profits. A lot of local governments have also galvanized efforts to support the expansion of food truck businesses. They have prepared necessary measures by selecting the model districts for food trucks and discovering the places that can legally operate food trucks at all times. Promoting strategies that can boost coexistence of existing markets and food trucks have emerged as a solution. On Trend and Issue, we explore ways to better support and expand food truck businesses.

InsideBiz InsideBiz
Craft beer with unique designs

Along with the growing interest in craft beer, different types of craft beers with unique tastes and flavors have emerged as a new cultural trend. The domestic beer market has been a 2 billion dollar market. And the domestic craft beer market, which is about a 20 million dollar market, accounts for about 1% of the entire beer market, but it has continuously achieved rapid growth. Along with the reduced government regulation, the number of domestic breweries has increased and a lot of craft beers with unique label designs have been introduced. On Design Biz, we introduce diversified designs of craft beers including the ones that were named after different districts.

InsideBiz InsideBiz