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Foreign Correspondents

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World Ch. Schedule : TUE 07:35 KST

Date : 2017-09-26

President Moon Attends UN General Assembly
President Moon Jae-in attends UN General Assembly

On the 18th, President Moon Jae-in took part in his fourth foreign visit since his inauguration. President Moon, who traveled to New York, attended the UN General Assembly, the main stage of multilateral diplomacy. In his keynote address at the UN General Assembly on May 21, the president criticized North Korean provocations in front of 190 heads of state and appealed for international cooperation on the North Korean nuclear issue. After his keynote speech, President Moon continued on with his busy diplomatic schedule. President Moon held a trilateral summit with US President Trump, Japanese Prime Minister Abe, and at the same time held bilateral meetings with heads of states from countries such Great Britain, Czech Republic, Senegal, and more, to discuss various issues such as the North Korean nuclear issue, the PyeongChang Winter Games, and defense cooperation. President Moon Jae-in, who successfully completed his 3 night, 5 day schedule! It's worth noting, what kind of success his diplomacy will bring about.

Moon Jae-in administration's summit diplomacy

Since May, President Moon Jae-in has made a lot of effort to 'fill the gap in summit diplomacy'. Immediately after his inauguration, President Moon made 'diplomatic ties' with the leaders of respective countries over the phone, and at the end of June, he held a Korea-US summit within 51 days of his inauguration. Then, in July, he attended the G20 Summit and received a request for bilateral talks from a number of leaders, and had a busy schedule during the four nights and six days. At the G20, President Moon was reassured that he had restored summit diplomacy and reaffirmed the initiative on the Korean peninsula issue. During the second half of the year, he kicked off his summit diplomacy, with a Korea-Russia summit. In this week's , we'll discuss the Moon Jae-in administration's summit diplomacy, in lieu of his participation at the UN General Assembly.

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