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Simply K-Pop

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 09:05 KST

Date : 2017-09-22

Simply K-Pop Ep 283
LEE GIKWANG - What You Like

After his solo debut under the name AJ in 2009, Highlight's LEE GIKWANG returned as a soloist after 9 years under his own name with his first album.

With LEE GIKWANG's unique voice shining through, "What You Like" is a song about sharing his true feelings towards the woman he likes.

simply K-POP

Following their sweet summer promotions in August, GFRIEND unveiled their repackaged album "RAINBOW," continuing with their autumn colors.

Sampling Schumann's "Dichterliebe, Op.48-1," "SUMMER RAIN" overflows with GFRIEND's very own emotions and compares love to the summer rain.

simply K-POP
VIXX LR - Whisper

Solidifying their status as artists who produced their entire 1st mini-album in 2015, VIXX LR returned after 2 years with their 2nd self-produced mini-album "Whisper."

Self-composed and produced by member RAVI, "Whisper" highlights VIXX LR's colors with LEO's powerful voice and RAVI's groovy rapping.

simply K-POP
PENTAGON - Like This

Spotlighted as a talented new generation idol group, PENTAGON returned to show their growth with their self-composed 4th mini-album "DEMO_01."

Self-composed by leader Hui, "Like This" is full of sophisticated and grandiose sounds in its dynamic melody, along with challenging and adventurous lyrics.

simply K-POP

Known for his talent in singing and producing as shown through various audition programs, JEONG SEWOON officially debuted as a solo artist.

"JUST U" shows JEONG SEWOON's sophisticated growth with his emotional voice mixing well with polished beats as well as Sik-K's sensuous rap.

simply K-POP
The East Light – I Got You

Leaving strong impressions with their unique colors set, The East Light returned with their 1st mini-album "six senses" along with their new member Lee Woo-jin.

Complete with reggae and R&B sounds, "I Got You" is a lovable and addictive song that goes easy on the ears with The East Light's unique charms.

simply K-POP
Golden Child – DamDaDi

Meaning "A perfect child that comes every 100 years," Golden Child debuted, hoping to lead the music scene for the next 100 years with the music trends of 100 years.

As the debut and title song, "DamDaDi" carries a bright dance melody that showcases Golden Child's very own beauty and charms.

simply K-POP
ELRIS – Pow Pow

Full of love and heart flutters in their debut album in June, ELRIS returned with cute and overflowing energy for their 2nd mini-album "Color Crush."

With addictive guitar riffs and a strong brass session, "Pow Pow" compares the heart flutters ahead of a confession to a volcano ready to explode.

simply K-POP
Cheon Dan Bi – More Today

After placing second on a TV audition program, Cheon Dan Bi returned with her 2nd digital single "More Today" with Super Junior's YeSung.

As an authentic ballad, "More Today" is about thinking back on a past relationship and realizing how precious that ex-lover was.

simply K-POP
Z-uK - Push & Pull

Loved as a BIGFLO member, Z-uK took his first steps as a soloist with his 1st single album "Push & Pull."

Born directly from Z-uK's hands, "Push & Pull" carries the future bass genre and tells the push-and-pull story between a man and a woman.

simply K-POP
GOOD DAY – Rolly

As a 10-member girl group, GOOD DAY released their 1st mini-album, hoping to bring a bright morning, a comfortable evening, and a shining night to their listeners.

Of the BOOGIE WOOGIE genre, "Rolly" has refreshing sounds to capture the public's ears as well as strong and confident lyrics towards a special someone.

simply K-POP
Real Girls Project – PINGPONG GAME

Of the 10 members who became known through the drama "THE IDOLM@STER.KR" five of them returned after a year with a new single album.

"PINGPONG GAME" is a very refreshing song that's fitting for the summer about a heart that bounces like a ping-pong ball.

simply K-POP
Nick&Sammy - Belong To Me

As multi-talented singer-songwriters who are capable of writing, singing, and playing music, Nick&Sammy returned with their 2nd single "Belong To Me."

With refreshing sounds of rock and synth, "Belong To Me" has an addictive melody line with lyrics reminiscing of an ex-lover.

simply K-POP

The co-ed trio, WALWARI returned with their 3rd digital single "Ramen," ready to have fun with exciting music once more.

As a humorous and exciting song, "Ramen" is about a man and a women who use ramen as something to speed up a newly forming relationship.

simply K-POP
Apple.B - Woochuchu

Approaching the public with something familiar as an apple, Apple.B took their first steps, hoping to show their many colors.

With refreshing drum beats and a saxophone riff, "Woochuchu" is about a cute and confident confession made towards a crush.

simply K-POP