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Simply K-Pop

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 13:00 KST

Date : 2018-09-21

Simply K-Pop Ep. 329
World Ch. Schedule : FRI 13:00 KST
BTS - Boyz with Fun

Debuted in 2013, BTS is a 7-member boy group that continued to garner popularity through their music to become internationally recognized.

From the "In the Mood for Love Part. 1" album, "Boyz with Fun" is a retro funk hip-hop song with a modern twist and the lyrics penned by the members.

simply K-POP
I.O.I - Very Very Very

An 11-member project girl group born from a nationally acclaimed audition program, I.O.I debuted in 2016 and was loved for their bubbly charms, music, and performance.

Very bright and bubbly, "Very Very Very" is a 2016 song about a girl who wants to hear that she's loved when the feelings are sincere.

simply K-POP
Wonder Girls - Why so lonely

Wonder Girls is a nationally loved girl group that debuted in 2007 to release multiple hit songs such as "Tell Me", "So Hot", and "Nobody" until their 2017 disbandment.

With Wonder Girls attempting reggae for the first time, "Why So Lonely" holds a dreamy atmosphere with a combination of different sounds.

simply K-POP
EXID - Up & Down

Debuted in 2012, EXID rose to become a nationally loved girl group that found unexpected fame through a fancam of "Up & Down".

With an addictive hook, "Up & Down" is about a girl who is frustrated with a guy who keeps making her heart go up and down with his ambiguous actions.

simply K-POP

Following their 2015 debut, GFRIEND rose as a representative girl group that's known for their clean-cut performances and addictive hit songs.

Released in 2016, "NAVILLERA" has an exciting guitar melody and rock sounds and is about the strong longing to truly love someone.

simply K-POP
EXO - Wolf

After their 2012 debut, EXO quickly soared in a short period of time to become an internationally loved group with many hit songs and eye-catching performances.

As a powerful song from 2013 that incorporates dubstep and hip-hop, "Wolf" is about a lonely wolf who falls in love with a beautiful girl.

simply K-POP
TWICE - Cheer Up

Born from a survival program, TWICE is a 9-member girl group that secured their place on top with a continuous string of hit songs since their 2015 debut.

Exploding with bursts of refreshing sounds, "CHEER UP" from 2016 is about a girl who plays hard-to-get to hide her true feelings towards a boy.

simply K-POP

As the leader of BIGBANG, G-Dragon is an internationally influential figure, especially in the arts with his continuous hit songs changing up the music scene.

First released in 2013 through G-Dragon's "COUP D'ETAT" album, "Crooked" is about how negatively a loved one's betrayal can affect your life.

simply K-POP
Wanna One - Burn It Up

With the 11 members chosen by the nation through a popular audition program, Wanna One is a group that immediately exploded with popularity following their debut.

"Burn It Up" is a powerful song about the members' dreams, passion, and aspirations as they began as Wanna One through their long-awaited debut.

simply K-POP
WJSN - Catch Me

With the most number of members for a girl group thus far, WJSN is a multinational group debuted in 2016 that's loved for their ever-changing charms.

Full of eye-catching performances and charisma, "Catch Me" from 2016 is about showing off unique charms to seduce a person of interest.

simply K-POP

Debuted at the end of 2017, THE BOYZ is an up-and-coming 12-member rookie group, already receiving love around the world for their music and charisma.

Produced by Park Kyung of Block B, "KeePer" is a sweet song about a boy wanting to stay by the person he likes and keep her safe.

THE BOYZ - Right Here

As an electronic pop dance number, "Right Here" is a song written in the perspective of a boy who is overflowing with confidence and assurance.

simply K-POP