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What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : WED 09:05 KST

Date : 2017-12-27

Traditional Korean Medicine Rises as the World's Healing Art
" It's not a traditional method of treatment in Korea anymore! Effects of Korean medicine that is becoming a study target of industry-leading medical scientists"

Why does the pain disappear when treated with acupuncture?
The secret of the acupuncture treatment, revealed by the Brain science research team of Harvard Medical School!
Presenting for the first time ever in Arirang TV! A new project that Professor Vitaly discovered ~
Revealing interactive mechanisms of the acupuncture between an acupuncturist and a patient.

The world is paying attention to Korean medicine, which is thousand years of mystery.
Reporting advanced medical service market in the US, where the number of people who want to learn Korean medicine and to receive Korean medical treatment increases.
What is the secret of success?
Best success stories of Korean acupuncturists that went into the US medical service market preoccupied with the Chinese medicine.

Is Korean medicine ready to open the door and go out into the world?
Introducing college education systems of Korean medicine in Korea, which possesses the only medical specialist system throughout the world, and descendants of the great doctor, ‘Heo Jun'.
And presenting excellence of Korean medicine through filming professional acupuncturists and Korean medicine clinics that equipped with professionals that work hard in the field, and national team doctor system.

National strategies for globalization!
Exploring the institute that conducts a national project to standardize, modernize, and scientifically develop the Korean medicine.
Introducing study about diagnostic apparatus combined with ICT for Korean medicine, and standardizing project of clinical treatments for creating big data of treatment methods.
Discovering scientific development strategies to dominate the world through studying efficacy and dosage of medical herbs at National Development Institute of Korean Medicine, which is the Mecca of the herbal medicine study in Korea.

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