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Arirang Special

Arirang Radio Open Studio in Jeju

World Ch. Schedule :   KST

Date : 2017-09-06

Arirang Radio Sound K Open Studio

[Sound K] Seoul Open Studio produced in 2016 was aired in Jejudo island, the home of Arirang Radio. The Open Studio was designed under the theme "Arirang Radio with Jeju Citizens." Not only Jeju citizens but all the visitors touring Jeju joined the festival-like show in a beautiful summer night.

Sound K Open Studio was unfolded at the special outdoor stage set in front of dal.komm cafe right by a coastal road in Aewol, Jeju City. The stage was warmed up by the local band, Eojjeoda Band, and brilliant musicians such as Jung Seung-hwan, Ahn Ye-eun, WILCOX & Boni and NICK&SAMMY filled up the stage. All the musicians showed their amazing talents winning all the audiences' hearts at the open studio

Line up
  • Eojjeoda Band - Confession
  • Wilcox - Pru Ding Ding
  • Boni - Strawberry
  • Wilcox - Bed on the Rooftop(feat.Boni)
  • Nick & Sammy - Baby, You Love Me
  • Nick & Sammy - Belong To Me
  • Jung Seung-hwan - If it is you
  • Jung Seung-hwan - Forest
  • Ahn Yee-un - Red ties
  • Ahn Yee-un - Number of Cases
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