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About The Program

Past Program

Solve quizzes on TV using your smartphone application!
There's never been a quiz show quite like it!
An innovative interactive quiz show for smart times.

We show you everything. Yes! Even our outtakes!
Watch our show LIVE through the application or YouTube, wherever you are in the world.
Want to know how the program is made? We'll bring the studio to YOU!

Forget about your regular quiz shows. This is different!
Packed with questions and videos about various cultures and items around the world. It's information and fun rolled into one!

Our panel can't just stay seated. They have to give everything they've got!
Why? Because the viewers' votes determine their fate!
Will they win? Or will they lose? The key lies in YOUR hands!

AND! Don't forget about our great prizes!
Choose the correct answer for your chance to win!

- Where can you interact with people from all over the world?
- Use smart methods to solve quizzes?
- Find twists at every turn?
- And have fun along the way?

Join Us Korea, of course!

Come and join us!

※ Downloading the app, and how to participate
1. Go to your app stores on your smartphones and download the 'Join Us Korea' app.
2. Register by entering your basic information.
3. Log on to the app on the live recording of the show, and participate in the quiz.

◎ Prizes

Cosmetics, Health Products, Scalp Care Products, Korean Traditional Food