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Program : Host Introduction

Host Introduction

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Isaac Durst
MA in East Asian Studies,Yonsei University
 BA in English Literature, U.C. Berkeley
Current Position
 Instructor, English Dept., Open Cyber University
 Co-host, EBS Radio Easy English
 Guest, EBS TV English Cafe
 Arirang Radio "Golden Goodies" DJ
Past Positon
 Instructor, English Dept., Gyeonggi University
 Co-host, EBS Radio Morning Special
 Co-host, EBS Radio TV Survival English
 OUN TV "Upgrade your TOEIC Listening
To Arirang Viewers
  What brought you to Korea? When did you come to Korea?
I first came to Korea in 1987 to study the Korean language more thoroughly. I was studying Korean in my college, so I decided to take a one-year language course in a Korean university. The reason I studied Korean was because my stepmother is Korean. She couldn't speak English so I decided to learn Korean to communicate with her,

  Where were you born? What did you use to do in your hometown?
I grew up in California. I finished my undergraduate studies there and came to Korea to pursue my graduate degree. After graduation, I was working in the U.S. for a couple of years when I was offered a teaching job at Hanseo University in Korea.

  What did you do in Korea?
I was an English teacher. I mostly taught English.

  What motivated you to be the host of "Superkids?" How do you like the job?
I really enjoy learning. Quiz shows are very interesting to me because I get so much new information through them. It's fun to watch, you learn something and meet new people all the time. How fun is that! I'm really happy with my new job right now.

  Anything else you wish to try out in Korea?
I want to become a 'Superkid,' no a 'Superman.' I'm really satisfied with my life in Korea. I learn so many things and teach what I know. I wish to become a dynamic person who teaches and learns.

  What is your impression of Korea?
Korean people have a very strong 'Jeong(정)' sentiment, which is a hard word to explain in English. It's a compound concept of being warm-hearted, friendly and kind.
They are very good at delivering their 'Jeong' feelings through action. 

  What is the difficulties you face in Korea?
Communication problems? It's difficult when people try to tell me something without saying it aloud. I have to read the signs. It's best to ask me anything that comes to mind and not keep it to yourself.

  What is your favorite Korean food?
I like nurunggi(scorched rice), galbi(beef short ribs) and kimchi. I also like cucumber kimchi. Nurunggi tastes good with any side dish. My nickname is 'Nurunggi Man,' because I crave the food so much. I want to become a person that fits into any situation, just like nurunggi.

  Tell us about your family.
That's a private matter! Just kidding. I have two daughters and two sons, who I all love to bits. They are in sixth grade, second grade and kindergarten. I really want to be a good father and a good husband to my family members.

  Your pledge as the new "Superkids" host?
I am prepared for each and every show. I plan to be perceived as the "Happy Isaac." I hope everyone involved in the show, those who may be participating and those who may be watching, will all feel happy through Superkids.  I hope to spread happiness through Superkids.