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Program : About SuperKids

About SuperKids

Past Program

The most important thing on the ship is teamwork!
Before anyone gets on the ship, each team puts teamwork to the test through an O/X quiz.
There are 3 teams with 10 players each. 
These 3 teams will compete in an O/X quiz where they will answer after group discussions.
2 Round
The teams will be the same as in Round 1.  Each team will answer questions. 
Each team will have 6 questions in total to answer. 
The 10 contestants picked for the next round will each hold a flag (item), board the ship, and get ready for the third round.
3 Round
Our explorers have arrived on new lands.  The 10 contestants will form five pairs, and each pair will turn a wheel/ roulette. 
Contestants will be paired based on their scores. 

Then the individuals within these pairs will compete against each other.
As soon as a contestant gets 2 questions right, (s)he automatically moves on to Round 4.
4 Round
The board has 9 questions to be answered. 
If the contestant gets a 30-point question, 20-point question, and 10-point question right in bingo formation, then (s)he gets 10 extra points.
 If during the round it becomes overwhelmingly clear who is first, then the round will stop there.

Super Round
There will be three questions.
The final contestant gets to choose which question (s)he wants to answer. 
When (s)he gets it right, the contestant will be crowned Superkid and win a prize.