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SUN, 2015-03-29 KST

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About Showbiz Korea

World Ch. Schedule : MON to SAT 08:00 KST

Showbiz Extra, an entertainment program that aired its first episode in 2002 and kept its viewers all over the world up to date on the latest news about Korean celebrities and the entertainment industry, has been re-invented as 'Showbiz Korea'!

Showbiz Today "Showbiz Today" delivers daily updates on the hottest and the latest issues in the Korean entertainment industry. Star vs Star Celebrities always stand out, and we choose two celebrities who seem similar in some areas, but totally different in others. And a fierce competition between them takes place, and we see their unique characteristics. There are similarities as well, so find out on "Star vs Star"! Star & Music Soundtracks are always in tune with popular dramas and celebrities! And they captivate the viewers in outstanding scenes! Learn about the productions with the artists who sang the popular soundtracks on "Stars & Music". In Style "In Style" zooms in on the celebrities' airport fashion styles and how they take care of themselves. We also check out the popular filming locations where the stars' acting stood out. We update you on all the trends which are hot amongst the celebrities these days! And don't miss out on the tips which we give you on "In Style"! Cine - zoom Movies are all the more entertaining when you know a bit about them. We give you the details on the latest releases and must-see productions on "Cine-Zoom"! You can also check out the director's hidden intentions in the movie. Star Ranking The global viewers of Showbiz Korea take part in "Star Ranking"! Check out the attractive qualities of the celebrities who came in first place! On Scene "On Scene" takes you to the drama filming sets, press conferences, showcases, fan meets and anywhere else that you want us to go for you! We will go anywhere where there are celebrities! Star Lounge "Star Lounge" is a delightful date with a celebrity takes place at a venue chosen by the stars themselves. You can find out what they've been up to these days, and learn about the behind-the-scene stories right here on Showbiz Korea! A straight-forward conversation with the stars begins right here on Star Lounge! Stars up Close Is there a special formula in the world of celebrities? We will give you all the details from their early debut days to who they are now on "Stars Up Close"! NEWCOMERS Rising stars are wowing the viewers with their stable acting and attractive qualities. Showbiz Korea is now the path for these stars to become top-notch celebrities! Learn about the rising stars through a monologue concept on "Newcomers"! Ask Us "Ask Us" answers all of your curiosities about your favorite Korean celebrities and productions! Feel free to ask us anything, anytime!

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