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Program : About The Program

About The Program

World Ch. Schedule : MON to FRI 09:30 KST

Pops in Seoul is an iconic music program of Arirang TV that has been introducing the latest K-pop songs for the past 17 years since its launch in 1998. As the No. 1 source to K-pop music that is creating a sensation worldwide, Pops in Seoul aims to support the domestic musicians' global activities and keep its overseas viewers up-to-date with the latest singles and K-pop news. So, join Eddy from JJCC, an idol group that's known as "Jackie Chan's boys," as he presents you with the latest K-pop songs and takes you on a special journey to meet some of the hottest artists and groups in the K-pop industry!
Program Introduction
# Monday
  • ◦ So Hot Clips
  • - Check out the latest K-pop music videos that are catching everyone's attention!
  • ◦ Star Track
  • - This is a special segment where we take you on a special date with some of the hottest K-pop stars! They will share with you their music, behind-the-scene stories, and recommend their own must-listen songs!
# Tuesday
  • ◦ MC TV
  • - Get to know Eddy, the host of Pops in Seoul, up close and personal through this segment. He will complete missions suggested by the viewers, and reveal everything about himself regarding a wide range of topics.
  • ◦ Idols' Pick
  • - Each week, we will compile and present to you a chart based on a specific theme, with the votes cast by idol group members themselves.
# Wednesday
  • ◦ K-pop Zone
  • - We'll bring you the latest K-pop news and take you on location to meet K-pop stars in action. So, tune in to check out music video shoots, showcases, and concerts, in addition to learning about the latest K-pop trends.
  • ◦ Live Attack
  • - The live performances presented on this segment are bound to delight your ears! Our guests will present different versions of their own songs as well as timeless classics, their favorite songs and the songs that have had a strong influence on them.
# Thursday
  • ◦ Rookie Show
  • - Learn about the up-and-coming rookies with infinite potential who are expected to lead the Korean wave in the future. Our guests will flaunt their musical talent as well as their other charms and talents! Get ready to fall in love with these super rookies!
# Friday
  • ◦ K-pop Top10
  • - Curious about the songs that are sweeping the charts? Then, tune in to check out the Top 10 Singles and the Top 10 Albums charts at the end of the week.
  • ◦ K-pop Time Machine
  • - Travel back in time to check out the songs and dance moves that caused a sensation back in the day as well as issues that created a huge stir. We'll also focus on a legendary singer or group each week and learn more about their history.