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* Date : 2017-09-12

Foreign Correspondents Ep.51 North Korea nuclear test
North Korea conducts 6th nuclear test

On September 3rd, North Korea conducted a nuclear test. This comes just a year after their 5th nuclear test. At 3PM same day, North Korea's Korean Central Television claimed it was a "successful test of the hydrogen bomb for ICBM". The 6th nuclear test had the greatest destructive force among the nuclear tests. According to the magnitude of the artificial earthquake, it is estimated that the 6th nuclear test was 11.8 times more powerful than the 4th nuclear test and 5 to 6 times more powerful than the 5th. The foreign media outlets have all reported on the news of the North Korean nuclear test, and gave various analysis on the aftermath of North Korea's nuclear test. North Korea's 6th nuclear test that's putting the world on edge! The future of the Korean Peninsula is impossible to tell with North Korea's surprise provocation.

North Korea's nuclear provocations, the response of the international community?

The repeated provocations of North Korea is putting the world on edge. After succeeding Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un who took over the North Korean regime in December of 2011, has conducted over 70 times more missile provocations than his predecessors. With each provocation, the international community followed with criticisms and sanctions, which would be ignored by North Korea, as they conducted their 6th nuclear test. In the news of North Korea's nuclear test, the United States urgently convened a National Security Council meeting and began discussing measures. President Trump also blamed North Korea through SNS. China, which has friendly ties with North Korea, also voiced its unusually strong criticism in lieu of the nuclear test. Japan, Russia, and other European nations are also denouncing North Korea's nuclear test ... as the panels of will discuss North Korea's sixth nuclear test this week.

Foreign Correspondents Foreign Correspondents Foreign Correspondents
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