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World Ch. Schedule : SAT 12:15 KST

* Date : 2017-09-09

ㅇThe Site of Reunification ㅇ
Nonsummit on Rerunification Greek Man Andreas Episode

This is 'Nonsummit on Reunification,' a program in which we rediscover Korea through the perspective of foreigners. Today we meet Andreas, a Greek man who is actively appearing on broadcasts.

ㅇ The Footprints of Reunification ㅇ
Office of Inter-Korean Dialogue

When Inter-Korean dialogue began in the 1970s, a specialized agency for talks and dialogue was established. This was the Secretariat of the Korean Red Cross'
Inter-Korean Dialogue, which was also the parent institution of today's Ministry ofUnification's Office of Inter-Korean Dialogue. On "The Footprints ofReunification," we revisit the day on which the Office of Inter-Korean Dialogue opened.

ㅇ Friendship of a North Korean and a Frenchman ㅇ
Becoming a Boxer

Due to the recent match between Mayweather and McGregor, boxing has been in the spotlight again. Min-wu, confident with any exercise, and Neil, hopeless with any exercise, visited the gym to learn boxing. Min-wu and Neil's boxing match begins now.

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No Date Full Contents Review VOD
75 2017-09-23 Peace Insight Ep.75 V
74 2017-09-16 Peace Insight Ep.74 V
73 2017-09-09 Peace Insight Ep.73 V
72 2017-09-02 Peace Insight Ep.72 - Web Drama [Calm Down Cheong-dung] / Flood Supplies Supported by the North and South V
71 2017-08-26 Peace Insight Ep.71 - 2017 Reunification Leader Camp III / 1st Exchange of North and South Korean Separated Family Members V
70 2017-08-19 Peace Insight Ep.70 - Reunification Leader Camp II / Joint Entrance of the North and South at the Olympics V
69 2017-08-12 Peace Insight Ep.69 - 2017 Reunification Leader Camp / North-South Korean Cooperation on Agriculture V
68 2017-08-05 Peace Insight Ep.68 - Nonsummit on Reunification / Joint Investigation of the underground resources in N. Korea V
67 2017-07-29 Peace Insight Ep.67 - Drawing Reunification North-South Korean Art Exhibition / N.Korean Economy Inspection Team V
66 2017-07-22 Peace Insight Ep.66 - North-South Korean Taekwondo as One /Settlement Support Center for North Korean Refugees V
65 2017-07-15 Peace Insight Ep.65 - Harmony of 1,625 Great Chorus for Reunification / The Korean War V
64 2017-07-08 Peace Insight Ep.64 - Nonsummit on Rerunification / Chairman Chung Ju-yung's Herd of Cattle Visits North Korea V
63 2017-07-01 Peace Insight Ep.63 - Songs of Harmony / Inter-Korean Summit V
62 2017-06-24 Peace Insight Ep.62 - 6.25 Korean War / Mt. Geumgang Tour V
61 2017-06-17 Peace Insight Ep.61 - War of Words on Reunification Undergraduate Model Cabinet Meeting / Pyongyang Circus Troupe V
60 2017-06-10 Peace Insight Ep.60 - The 5th Reunification Education Week / KEDO Nuclear Reactor Business V
59 2017-06-03 Peace Insight Ep.59 - Children's Press Corps of the Ministry of Unification / An Inter-Korean Liaison Office V
58 2017-05-27 Peace Insight Ep.58 - Special Cohabitation of North Korean Brothers V
57 2017-05-20 Peace Insight Ep.57 Lee Hye-gyeong's Infinite Challenge V
56 2017-05-13 Peace Insight Ep.56 - Unabridged and Unified Korean Dictionary V
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