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World Ch. Schedule : FRI 09:05 KST

* Date : 2017-09-08

Simply K-Pop Ep 281
SUNMI - Gashina

Always returning with unexpected and alluring concepts, SUNMI showed her sophisticated growth with "Gashina," her new song in three years.

Holding different meanings, "Gashina" is a song that captures SUNMI's deep and sensitive emotions as well as her sexy charms.

simply K-POP
Hyun A - BABE

Celebrating her 10th anniversary this year, Hyun A returned with her 6th mini-album "Following" to show her refreshing growth and charisma.

Showcasing a different kind of Hyun A compared to her past concepts, "BABE" is a cute and clever story about a couple with an age gap.

simply K-POP
Wanna One – Energetic

As the hottest rookie group of 2017, Wanna One set flame to officially debut with their 1st mini-album "1X1=1(TO BE ONE)."

As the title song, "Energetic" leaves an exquisite and powerful first impression that quickly builds up to accentuate Wanna One's energy.

simply K-POP
NCT DREAM - We Young

As the NCT unit group consisting of teens, NCT DREAM once again brought their bright and energetic colors with their 1st mini-album "We Young."

With refreshing guitar and brass sounds, "We Young" is an uptempo song of the Tropical House genre, allowing listeners to feel a cool breeze in the hot summer.

simply K-POP

Now in their sixth year since debut, BOYFRIEND broke their long hiatus of two years and five months, bringing sophisticated music of sincerity with them.

Created by member Jeong-min, MONSTA X's Joo-heon, and SuperKiro, "Star" is about how the woman he loved became the most beautiful star.

simply K-POP

Following the strong charisma shown in their previous album, CLC returned with dreamy and pure charms with their 6th mini-album "FREE'SM."

With the jack swing rhythm of the 90s, "SUMMER KISS" is a dance song with a beautiful melody that brightly highlight's CLC's uniqueness.

simply K-POP
Dreamcatcher – Fly high

With "Chase Me" and "GOOD NIGHT" attracting attention, Dreamcatcher returned with their new mini-album "Prequel" to reveal why they became nightmares.

With a powerful piano and guitar sound, "Fly high" draws out an inescapable nightmare, going deeper into Dreamcatcher's unique story.

simply K-POP

Capturing the hearts of fans around the globe, VICTON returned after five months to bring their 3rd mini-album "IDENTITY" into the world.

With members Seung-woo and Han-se participating in the song production, "UNBELIEVABLE" is about finding out that your crush likes you back.

simply K-POP
Samuel – Sixteen

After being a SEVENTEEN trainee at age 11, a 1PUNCH member at age 13, Samuel finally debuted at the age of 16 as a soloist, showing much growth.

As the title song, "Sixteen" was inspired by Samuel's actual age of sixteen and has a kind of innocent pureness.

simply K-POP
The East Light – I Got You

Leaving strong impressions with their unique colors set, The East Light returned with their 1st mini-album "six senses" along with their new member Lee Woo-jin.

Complete with a reggae and R&B sound, "I Got You" is a lovable and addictive song that goes easy on the ears with The East Light's unique charms.

simply K-POP
Weki Meki - I don't like your Girlfriend

With eight individuals holding a key to recognize themselves and a key to enter a new world together, Weki Meki unveiled their debut album.

Full of Weki Meki's teen crush charms, "I don't like your Girlfriend" is an energetic song of the Future Hip-hop genre with an easy-to-sing hook.

simply K-POP

As a team where ON and OFF coexist, ONF took their first steps, determined to show their exceptional combination of music and charms.

An eye-catching song with a great performance, "ON/OFF" highlights each of the seven members' unique voices and dance moves.

simply K-POP
Cheon Dan Bi - More Today

After placing second on an audition TV program, Cheon Dan Bi returned with her 2nd digital single "More Today" with Super Junior's YeSung.

As an authentic ballad, "More Today" is about thinking back on a past relationship and realizing how precious that ex-lover was.

simply K-POP
Hwang In Sun – Rainbow

Previously bringing EDM and trot together to show her colors, Hwang In Sun created a new genre of synth pop and tropical sound in her 4th single "Rainbow."

The title song "Rainbow" contains expressive lyrics, such as "My once white heart has been dyed with emotion's many colors."

simply K-POP
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