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World Ch. Schedule : MON to FRI 15:30 KST

* Date : 2017-09-13

Pops in Seoul
Babylon (Lalala (feat. Chungha))

This is the lead track of Babylon's single record, "LA VIDA LOCA." Babylon combined the elements of R&B and tropical music to effectively convey the message, "la vida loca (the crazy life)." It is a danceable R&B track where Babylon's trademark vocals and Chungha's alluring vocals combine together to create a romantic vibe.

Pops in Seoul
SONAMOO (Friday Night)

This is the lead track of the single record, "HAPPY BOX PART 1." It tells a story of a group of girls who can't wait until Friday night as they've gotten tired of their daily routines. It's a retro pop song with an addictive melody and a retro rhythm.

Pops in Seoul
Battle Of the STARS
Kim Hee-chul & Kim Jung-mo (Ulsanbawi)

This is the lead track of Kim Hee-chul and Kim Jung-mo's second mini album, "Goody Bag." It's a trot song in blues style that describes a man who misses the ideal timing to profess his feelings for the woman he loves and has no choice but to let her go. This heart-rending tale was inspired by the legend regarding "Ulsanbawi Rock."

Pops in Seoul
Battle Of the STARS
Zico (Artist)

This is the lead track of Zico's second mini album, "Television." This song with a variety of music elements reveals Zico's sensibility as an arranger. In this refreshing hip hop song, the artist tells the listeners to express their artistic side.

Pops in Seoul
JJ Project (Tomorrow, Today)

This is the lead track of JJ Project's second mini album, "Verse 2." The lyrics were written by Park Jin-young, and the two members of JJ Project. It talks about how adolescents and young adults have infinite potential, yet are not strong enough, and that they will arrive at crossroads, where they must make important choices, throughout their lives.

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