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* Date : 2015-05-15

[Trend Insight]
Beauty Items Are New Export Growth Engine For Korea
Beauty and personal care products that had been traditionally earmarked for the home market have become major contributor on the export front. Over the last decade, Korean exports of cosmetics surged six-fold and importing countries increased by 42, according to the Korean Customs Service. Popularity of K-pop and appeal of Korean celebrities have fueled appetite for Korean beauty and skincare products. The coup of the K-beauty, how big and far can it go?
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[IT Observer]
IT services for pets
There are now a wider range of IT services for pets than ever before. From wearable devices that monitor the sleeping and activity of pets to automatic feeders that can dispense pet food via video calls, we take a look at the fast evolving IT services for pets.
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[Smart Start-up]
Opencreators, Building Innovation through Shared Knowledge
Engineering major students who got involved in the RepRap project, open collaborative design initiative to develop 3D printer, paved the way for the country's first personal 3D printing business. It won patent on the key 3D printing component –hot-end nozzle – and Red Dot design award for its hardware design in the shape of a piece of furniture. We met young and enterprising startup Opencreators, creator of personal 3D printer Almond.
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[Question Box]
Are Lipsticks Really Recession-Proof?
They say sales of lipsticks, spicy food, high heels, hard liquor, and mini skirts surge during tough economic times. Are these myths or facts? Recent sales figures show that sweet-flavored snacks are faring well, while spicy-flavored ramen noodles along with colorful cosmetics are falling out of favor. This week, we'll take a look at some widely-accepted recession myths that have been debunked.
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