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* Date : 2014-01-20

Rock on Korea #5

Rocking 70's-Resurrection of Korean Rock

Debuted in 1977, Sanwollim is Korea’s first underground band and also alternative rock band. 3 brothers in this band, who started composing during their midteens, produced album for celebrating the leader Kim chang wan’s graduation in university, and suddenly that album was a major hit in Kpop scene. Their debut album, unveiled at the same time when Sex Pistols’ historically remarkable debut album, was their first step towards their endless creativity. In addition, it was memorable album expressed rock more freely which Shin jung hyun initiated.
Their debut album succeeded that you can’t ever imagine. And their second album which praised for the best album was released in 4 months. A lot of fans loved it. and this led to the 3rd album “You Already Became Me”

After other members joined military service, Kim chang wan in Sanwollim could not perform actively. Therefore, collection of soundtracks of various dramas, movies, and plays was their 4th album. Futhermore, their 5th was able to be done when other member had break from the service.

It seems they are disappearing from popularity compared to their debut album. However, the popularity continued in their 6th, 7th, and 8th album; ‘Misty memories over the window’, ‘Youth’, ‘Love that is too bitter for me’. These standard songs was higher in mass appeal than former experimental songs kept their popularity.

In this episode, we will deeply look at trio Sanwolim which is considered as the pioneer of Korea’s hardrock sound. Kim chang wan band led by the leader of Sanwollim Kim chang wan will perform live. Through this show, you will able to open your ears to greatest hits of Sanwollim. Satoyukiae, the leader of the rock band from Japan named ‘Goup chang jeon gol’ and singer-songwriter ‘Newyork mulgogi’ will give dedicating performance. This will offer audience opportunity to appreciate Sanwolim’s outstanding musicality.

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