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World Ch. Schedule : Tuesday 9:00AM(KST)

* Date : 2012-04-24

Hahn Dae-soo



The godfather of folk rock, Hahn Dae-soo

One of Korea's first singer-songwriters, the godfather of folk rock, Hahn Dae-soo! As the first to introduce Western folk rock to Korea in an era where young Koreans were fighting for freedom, Hahn's songs soon came to symbolize their struggles.

Hahn was born to a nuclear physicist father, Hahn Chang-suk and a pianist mother, Park Jung-ja in Busan, Korea and at just 7 years of age, his father suddenly disappeared while studying in the United States. Hahn has weathered many hardships throughout his life, starting with his father's mysterious disappearance, but has always been able to find refuge and solace in music. In 1968, returning to Korea after many years abroad, Hahn debuted his music at 'C'est Si Bon'. Although he was beloved by his fans, his controversial lyrics that yearned for freedom and liberty were not received well by the dictatorial government that was in power and felt pressured to leave his home once again.

In 1989 Hahn returned to Korea, this time welcomed by open arms and with the warm adoration that had been brewing for years during his absence. Hahn currently lives with his wife Oxana, who is struggling with alcoholism, and his delightful, five year old daughter Yang-ho here in Korea.

Tune in to see Hahn Dae-soo's fascinating and inspirational story, here, on 'the INNERview.'

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