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World Ch. Schedule : FRI 09:00 KST

* Date : 2015-03-10

Cha Hong, sharing self-hairstyling tips and tricks

On this week's The INNERview, we'll take you to meet Cha Hong, an iconic hair stylist who has gained fame for sharing various self-hairstyling tips and tricks. As a child, Cha Hong spent most of her time alone, doing artsy things such as drawing pictures and making clothes for her paper dolls, and she attributes this to her introverted personality. Her father died when she was just a child and in order to ease the financial burden on her mother's shoulders, she gave up going to college early on. She was without any dreams or passion until her aunt suggested that she should train to become a hairdresser and this unexpected proposal marked an important turning point in her life.

She faced a number of challenges right from the beginning: her timid personality, development of atopy, and vocal nodules resulting from hours of practicing how to speak loudly. But none of that stopped her from pushing ahead and practicing until the wee hours of the morning every single day throughout the year. If you had met the beautiful and fragile-looking woman in person, you probably would never have expected her to have survived the hardships as she did.

After surviving through the difficult ordeals, she gradually gained a number of loyal clients, including celebrities, and established herself in Cheongdam-dong, one of the most affluent and influential areas in Seoul. She didn't fall into complacency even after reaching the peak of her career, and she considered ways to help her customers look and feel fabulous all the time. This was how she ended up coming up with the self-hairstyling tips, which were later shared through various platforms including TV shows, blogs, YouTube, books, lectures and home shopping networks.

Join us on The INNERview to meet Cha Hong, a hair "designer" who has innovated hairstyling with her experimental techniques.

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