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* Date : 2011-02-01

Like a fresh bubbling brook in a cup, Green tea and Makgeolli


A journey to go deeper into Korean alcohols and green tea! Add a charm to the journey with nice Korean alcohols and let fresh green tea relax the mind.
Simon and Martina Stawski are English teachers from Canada. They traveled to Gyeongju and Sangju of North Gyeongsang Province to experience delicious Makgeolli. In the historic city of Gyeongju, the couple gets to join in the celebrations as Traditional Alcohol and Rice Cake Festival is held there during Spring. They also visit a famous Makgeolli brewery in Sangju to try their hands on brewing their own Makgeolli.
David was born and raised in the tea loving nation of England. As a tea lover, he came to the right place as Hadong is the home to Korea's finest green tea. He experiences every step involved in the process of tea-making from harvesting to brewing and tea ceremonies, learning truly the best way to enjoy the thousand-year tradition of Hadong green tea.


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