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* Date : 2010-10-30

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N.Korea Appoints New Ambassador To China

North Korea made the unusual move of appointing a new ambassador to China in just 6 months. The former ambassador Choi Pyong Gwan was replaced by Ji Jae Ryong, a Deputy Director in the party's International Department. He is known to be in Jang Song Taek’s inner circle and has been the Deputy Director of the International Dpartment since 1993.

N.Korea Repeats Justification Of Nuclear Weapons Possession

The Korean Central News Agency emphasized once again that North Korea’s possession of nuclear weapons was justified. This is the first official statement on that issue since Vice Foreign Minister Pak Gil Yon’s comments at the UN General Assembly last month. These comments have been interpreted as part of the regime’s two track diplomacy, as it offers dialogue in one hand and continues hard line rhetoric on the other.

Inter Korean Red Cross Meeting Falls Apart On Reunion Event Institutionalization

A working level talk was held between the national Red Crosses of North and South Koreas from the 26th to the 27th. The delegates failed to reach an agreement regarding the institutionalization of the inter-Korean family reunion events. It has been reported that North Korea requested large amounts of aid and the resumption of Mt. Geumgang tours in exchange for regular reunions.


It has been 20 years since the Berlin wall fell, leaving Korea as the only divided nation in the world. Recently, the South Korean has been actively discussing the reunification, its costs and the preparations we have to make for it. In today’s NK Focus, we bring you expert opinions on how we should prepare for the future of the Korean peninsula.

(Talk with. BERNHARD SELIGER, Dr. Resident Representative, Hanns Seidel Stiftung, Hyun KyungDae, Chairman, The Institute for Peace Affairs)

Pyeongyang Youths Celebrate Youth Day With Balls

The city of Pyeongyang was awash in festivities on Youth Day as dance halls swelled with young people who came to celebrate the joyous occasion. They held hands and danced the night away to the upbeat music, faces alight with happiness and vitality. The youths also expressed their will to display their strong determination and courage to the fullest. The heat of festivities only grew in intensity as time passed, allowing the youths to express their joy and vitality to the fullest.

Cheongjin Rail Factory Implements Innovations in Maintenance

The workers at the Cheongjin Rail Factory are said to be implementing innovations in their train repairs. The Factory have been dispatched to the field to reorganize the laborers into new work units ensuring that they remain productive at all times and this has been crucial in meeting the daily targets for repairs. Communications between each team in the factories have been strengthened so that the parts required for repairs can be provided in advance. Each worker has been taking on a high responsibility in upgrading the quality of train repairs, going as far as to innovate and implement new technologies for the upgrading of the factory.

Hamgyeongbuk-do Heoryeong Shoes Factory Takes On Technology Management Project

This is from the Hoeryeong Shoes Factory at Hamgyeongbuk-do Province. The factory is said to be implementing a technology management project in order to improve the quality of its products. Every worker has been given training regarding the technical regulations and the standard operating procedures so as to increase his aptitude for his work. The finished products are also being put through a new quality testing process in order to match the changing requirements of the customers and ever rising quality standards .

* November 1st <Rodong Sinmun> Launched

The “Rodong Shinmun” is the official paper of the Korean Workers’ Party’s Central Committee. The paper operated under the guiding principle of the Juche ideology and its mission is to contribute to the successful completion of the Juche revolution.
Its main duty is to explain and outline the party’s policies and direction in order to inculcate the citizenry to the revolutionary ideology as well as strengthen the party’s rule and the ideology system.
The text is printed in a horizontal direction while all articles are printed in Korean. All photographs and text are printed in black and white, giving it a harsh and utilitarian aesthetic.


The North Korean defector population in South Korea is fast surpassing the 20 thousand mark. Finding employment is crucial for their successful settlement in the South. Many organizations and institutions are working to provide these defectors with support in finding jobs. We give you a closer look at the efforts being made by these organizations in today’s South and North.


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