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* Date : 2013-09-09

0.23μ㏜ -  Fukushima: Is There a Way Out ?

Seventeen citizens risk their lives to find out
what the future holds for Fukushima.
What kind of tomorrow awaits Japan?

It has been two years since the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, which is regarded as the worst disaster of the 21st century.

Shibata, a Japanese homemaker from Chiba Prefecture, measures radioactive pollution in her neighborhood every single day, as she refuses to trust the mass media. Another woman from Koriyama sheds tears every time she finds herself worrying about her grandchildren, because she believes that no place in Japan is safe anymore.

The Japanese public spends every day in fear and anxiety, as the repercussions of the nuclear crisis can be felt everywhere, and there is no end in sight yet.

To find out the truth about the future of Fukushima, 17 ordinary citizens embarked on a journey to what now has become a dead land. They obtained a permit from the Ukrainian government to enter the site of the Chernobyl disaster, but what they saw there was anything but shocking. What used to be a flourishing city of 50,000 people, now lies in ruins. In some areas, radioactive contamination is 300 times the permissible amount. The locals, who were forced to leave their hometown, still live in horror and miss their homes. Their children, who were also exposed to radiation, suffer from all kinds of diseases that doctors are unable to diagnose. It has been 26 years since the devastating disaster in Chernobyl, but its repercussions remain as serious as more than two decades ago.

Where is Fukushima headed?
Will Japan be able to find a way out?

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