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* Date : 2012-08-07

Visit Korea ( Gwangju )

Gwangju, the Cultural Capital of Korea

The environmentally friendly city of Gwangju is home to the famous Mudeungsan, or Mudeung Mountain, and Gwangju Stream. Geumnam-ro and Choongjeong-ro are sacred grounds in the city that symbolize democracy in Korea. Along with being one of the three major motor cities in Korea and the country’s top mining center, Gwangju also thrives with traditional and modern Korean culture, with such events as the Imbangul Korean Traditional Music Festival and International Music Fair. Experience everything the city has to offer.


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No Date Full Contents Review VOD
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429 2016-05-18 History of Jjamppong Ep326 V
428 2016-05-11 Creating Something out of Nothing M60Ep257 V
427 2016-05-05 Flower Garden of Seocheon Ep325 V
426 2016-05-03 Korean Style Part 4 - Architecture, One with Nature V
425 2016-05-03 Korean Style Part 3 - Cuisine, Perfected over Time V
424 2016-05-02 Korean Style Part 2 - Art, a Self-portrait of the Times V
423 2016-05-02 Korean Style Part 1 - Seoul, a City of Coexisting Colors V
422 2016-04-30 A Talk with the Ambassador of Iran to Korea Ep332 V
421 2016-04-27 Snack Culture Part2 Ep323 V
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