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THU, 2015-04-02 KST

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* Date : 2012-07-31

Visit Korea ( Daejeon )

A Science Mecca That Holds Hope for the Future

Where the future's hopes and dreams lie in advanced technology.
Where nature breathes life into the city.
Where the nurturing of passion, romance and a challenging spirit add to the area's beauty.
Daejeon - home to a splendid cultural heritage, eternal tradition and the spirit of Korea's ancestors.


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No Date Full Contents Review VOD
355 2015-04-01 Korean Seafood Out to the World Ep209 V
354 2015-03-31 Petros Iosifidis, a world-class expert in new media from City University London Ep274 V
353 2015-03-28 Korean Style , Series 2 - "Art, a Self-portrait of the Times" V
352 2015-03-25 'Ahn Jung-geun' On peace in East Asia Ep242 V
351 2015-03-21 Korean Style , Series 1 - 'Seoul, a City of Coexisting Colors' V
350 2015-03-18 17-year-old Seon-hwa's Challenge Ep273 V
349 2015-03-17 Rewriting the Middle East Success Story Ep309 V
348 2015-03-11 17-year-old Seon-hwa's Challenge Ep272 V
347 2015-03-05 Extreme Mission in Antarctica Ep271 V
346 2015-03-04 Creating Something out of Nothing M60Ep257 V
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