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* Date : 2012-07-31

Visit Korea ( Daejeon )

A Science Mecca That Holds Hope for the Future

Where the future's hopes and dreams lie in advanced technology.
Where nature breathes life into the city.
Where the nurturing of passion, romance and a challenging spirit add to the area's beauty.
Daejeon - home to a splendid cultural heritage, eternal tradition and the spirit of Korea's ancestors.


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No Date Full Contents Review VOD
345 2015-01-20 Carved into World Heritage Ep308 V
344 2015-01-17 At the edge of a cliff, finding hope in Korea Ep307 V
343 2015-01-15 Global Hanyang Interaction with Foreigners Ep268 V
342 2015-01-13 Spirit Carved by the Edge of a Knife Ep306 V
341 2015-01-08 Road to Unification part2 - How will unification be achieved? Ep267 V
340 2015-01-03 Arirang Radio K-Pop Concert Ep266 V
339 2015-01-02 Thank You From Korea Ep298 V
338 2015-01-01 Arirang TV New Year's Special (Part 1) : Road to Unification Ep265
337 2015-01-01 Good Morning! Rwanda Ep292 V
336 2014-12-30 Republic of Korea flavor Journey : part 2 Ep305 V
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