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FRI, 2016-04-29 KST

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* Date : 2012-07-31

Visit Korea ( Daejeon )

A Science Mecca That Holds Hope for the Future

Where the future's hopes and dreams lie in advanced technology.
Where nature breathes life into the city.
Where the nurturing of passion, romance and a challenging spirit add to the area's beauty.
Daejeon - home to a splendid cultural heritage, eternal tradition and the spirit of Korea's ancestors.


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No Date Full Contents Review VOD
426 2016-04-27 Snack Culture Part2 Ep323 V
425 2016-04-22 Good Morning! Rwanda Ep292 V
424 2016-04-20 Snack Culture Part1 Ep322 V
423 2016-04-13 Rewriting the Middle East Success Story Ep309 V
422 2016-04-12 President Park Geun-hye's Official Visit to the U.S. and Mexico Ep331 V
421 2016-04-03 A Talk with the Ambassador of Mexico to Korea V
420 2016-03-26 HAPPY 700 ! WELCOME to PYEONGCHANG V
419 2016-03-23 A Mother's Environment Report : Part 2. The World We Pass on to Our Children V
418 2016-03-16 A Mother's Environment Report : Part 1. Fukushima and Its Aftermath V
417 2016-02-28 EXPANDING HORIZONS: Korea's Trust Diplomacy V
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