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* Date : 2012-07-24

Visit Korea ( N. Chungcheong )

The center of inland Korea that is becoming the leading tourist destination for its outstanding scenery and various cultural events - North Chungcheong Province! A province that is creating a beautiful culture and history in harmony with the mountains, rivers, and people based on the clean natural environment of the Taebaek Mountain Range! The site of natural beauty, history and culture of great values! We invite you to North Chungcheong Province, a province that will present you  with sensations beyond your imagination.


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No Date Full Contents Review VOD
565 2017-12-16 Shining Trip - Bright Travelog (Part.02)
564 2017-12-16 Shining Trip - Bright Travelog (Part.01)
563 2017-12-16 MUSICAL SENSATIONS Episode 1: When Gugak and Rock Collides [World Music Creators, Jambinai]
562 2017-12-02 TALK TALK KOREA with PyeongChang 2018 V
561 2017-11-25 Mutual Property in Asia Through Cultural Exchange V
560 2017-11-16 Cheonghae Unit: Peacemaker of Aden V
559 2017-11-10 THE PRELUDE to the PYEONGCHANG 2018 PART.2 V
558 2017-11-10 THE PRELUDE to the PYEONGCHANG 2018 PART.1 V
557 2017-11-04 길, Drawing Tour with 2dA V
556 2017-10-28 Hello Mr.K V
555 2017-10-21 #TDMF, Tour du Monde de la Francophonie [KOREA] V
554 2017-10-15 SMART BIZ EXPO 2017 (PART3) V
553 2017-10-14 SMART BIZ EXPO 2017 (PART2) V
552 2017-10-13 SMART BIZ EXPO 2017 (PART1) V
551 2017-10-07 Exploring Korean Humanities Together, CAMP 2017 V
550 2017-10-05 The History of Korean Footwear V
549 2017-10-04 Premium Hanwoo Embraces the World V
548 2017-10-03 Salt, Conditions for a Premium Seasoning V
547 2017-09-30 Rice Effect V
546 2017-09-28 UN SRC Singers In Korea V
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