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* Date : 2012-07-24

Visit Korea ( N. Chungcheong )

The center of inland Korea that is becoming the leading tourist destination for its outstanding scenery and various cultural events - North Chungcheong Province! A province that is creating a beautiful culture and history in harmony with the mountains, rivers, and people based on the clean natural environment of the Taebaek Mountain Range! The site of natural beauty, history and culture of great values! We invite you to North Chungcheong Province, a province that will present you  with sensations beyond your imagination.


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No Date Full Contents Review VOD
540 2017-08-26 The Breath of Tradition #2 - Taekwondo, the Pride of a People
539 2017-08-19 The Breath of Tradition #1 - Camels, a Run in the Desert V
538 2017-08-12 The Power of Incheon #3 - Songdo, the Birth of a City V
537 2017-08-05 The Power of Incheon #2 - 168 Island Treasures V
536 2017-07-29 The Power of Incheon 1# - The Spark of Korea's Growth, Incheon's industries V
535 2017-07-25 Bound of Asian Creators V
534 2017-07-12 Beyond Culture, Taekwondo V
533 2017-07-06 Makeup Artist, COSMEDUO Son Dae-sik X Park Tae-yoon Part. 3 V
532 2017-07-03 New Phase of the Alliance Korea-U.S. Summit 2017 V
531 2017-07-03 Joint Analysis of Korea-U.S. Summit V
530 2017-06-29 Makeup Artist, COSMEDUO Son Dae-sik X Park Tae-yoon Part. 2 V
529 2017-06-22 Makeup Artist, COSMEDUO Son Dae-sik X Park Tae-yoon Part. 1 V
528 2017-06-10 2017 Multicultural Music Festival V
526 2017-05-12 A New Order, Outlook on MOON Jae-in's Policy V
525 2017-05-10 [Interview] Moon Jae-in's Policy of North Korea, Economic Paradigm Shift V
524 2017-05-10 [2017 Presidential Election] Special Highlight V
523 2017-05-10 People Power – Unlock the 19th Government V
522 2017-05-10 New Era, New President V
521 2017-03-27 Smart With Heart V
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