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World Ch. Schedule : MON to SAT 15:00  KST

* Date : 2009-05-22

Episode: #951
Entertainment Report
Wine-like actor Ji Jin-hee's publication party
Actor Ji Jin-hee, who is widely loved because of his soft image through various productions has changed into a writer. Lets meet Ji JIn-hee, the man who fell in love with the lingering taste of wine, at his wine tour book publication party!
Skin beauty Park Min-young's cosmetics commercial shoot
Actress Park Min-young, known for her clean skin, filmed a cosmetics commercial. Lets go to the commercial shoot and meet the actress with a gorgeous smile!
At the photo exhibition of Koyote's Fecta with the stars
Koyote's Fecta transformed from a rapper to a photographer and he held his first photo exhibition. A lot of stars were there, so lets go and check it out for ourselves!
At the pictorial press conference of sexy long-legged singer Kim Hyun-jung
Sexy, long-legged singer Kim Hyun-jung has announced the launch of her sexy pictorial. Lets go to the press conference site and meet the glamourous singer!
Extra Plus
Top 5 Fashion Statements for Military Enrollment
It's a natural process for healthy Korean men to enter the military. And it's no exception for celebrities. But even when the stars enter the military, they dress stylishly to distinguish themselves! Let's check out the best 5 fashion statements of celebrities who entered the military this year!
  Korea's new talent Star - Chung Lim! (ID : AinChina)
  Chung Lim is currently receiving lavish comments, and is being called the 2nd Rain. Chung Lim majored in dance, and is receiving a lot of love for his powerful dance. Even before his debut, he received a lot of love calls from several Asian countries. Singer Chung Lim! who is working hard to various fields. We look forward to his excellent performance, and Showbiz Extra will make sure to bring his updates to you!
  How's Jang Jin-young doing these days? (ID : hyuna83)
  After the 2007 drama "Lobbyist," Jang Jin-young has been working only on commercials. Last September, she was diagnosed with cancer, receiving the sympathy of her fans. After the news of Jang Jin-young's fight with cancer went out, she felt uncomfortable with the continuous attention from the press. Jang Jin-young is currently receiving chemotherapy, and resting well to recover her health. We look forward to seeing her return onto the screen.
  SS501 is so great. (ID : giovi3)
  SS501 took part in the soundtrack of the drama "Boys over Flowers." They rose to stardom along with member Kim Hyun-joong. And in early May, SS501 prepared a unique event called airline fan meeting in Jeju Island. Each are being invited to various university festivals, and screaming in happiness. Due to the busy schedule of the members, we think the news about SS501's new album will be postponed to a later date.
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