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Schedule : Monday 9:00AM(KST)

* Date : 2012-03-19

Professor Michael Unger

An Elite in American Cinema Who Chose Love over Fame - Professor Michael Unger

In October 2011, Michael Unger married actress Lim Sung-min and drew a lot of people's attention. On "Heart to Heart", he tells us the story of how he decided to leave America to come to Korea while he was Chair of Filmmaking Programs at the New York Film Academy.

Professor Unger first met Lim Sung-min when he was participating in the New York Film Academy & KAIST CT Seoul Workshop in 2008. In October, the same year, the two people met again at the Busan International Film Festival and fell in love.

Unger graduated from Brown University and went on to study Film Directing at Columbia University. He then worked and taught at the New York Film Academy for several years and is considered an elite in American cinema. He's been actively working as a movie director, writer, producer and editor. In 2001, his film 'Desire' won Best of the Festival Award at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival.

Unger's connection with Korea began by not only marrying a Korean woman but also having a father who is a Korean War Veteran. On today's "Heart to Heart", let's find out the cinematic world of Michael Unger and listen to the beautiful love story between him and his wife, who visited the studio as a surprise guest.

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