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Star Focus October 20, 2020,

Park Han-byul

The sweet innocence that radiates from this petite star is enough to melt the hearts of male fans everywhere! And a frankness that appeals to female fans! Today's Super Rookie is Park Han-byul.

She was recognized as fresh talent through the internet and quickly found her way to stardom. Today we found her at the set of her new drama, . Well past midnight, cast and crew were hard at work. At this hour, we wouldn't be surprised to find everyone on the set exhausted, but that wasn't the case - the love from their audiences gave everyone a boost in energy.

The TV drama, , was a television remake of the 1987 romantic comedy, , with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. The characters were similar, but the story was a bit altered. Park plays a sweet, but determined young woman. More troublesome than the sleep that tries to overcome you in the late hours - all the bugs that are attracted to the bright lights on the set! Park Han-byul's scenes were done over and over again because those pesky insects kept chasing after her. Park Han-byul got her start in a very unconventional way. In high school, she posted a photo of herself on the internet, which was voted as 'prettiest face' by netizens across Korea! She was scouted by an agency and landed a role in one of the films. Positive reviews of the rookie actress paved the way for other roles. About a year has passed since her part in the TV drama, . Park spent the past year deliberating on her next production before choosing . Now she gets to fight Han Yesl, for the love of Oh Ji-ho!

Following a hard night's work, it was time to squeeze in a little break! Time for a late-night meal. Park Han-byul may be extremely slender, but she has an enormous appetite! Besides - she needs all that food to give her the necessary energy!

Besides , Park Han-byul is also the leading lady for another drama, , with actor Lee Seo-jin. The 100% pre-produced drama is about the love that blossoms between a 390-year old vampire and a 19-year old student. Having been voted as 'most prettiest face' over the internet seems like ages ago. Now, Park Han-byul stands proudly with some of Korea's finest actors after her determined efforts to present a worthy performance. She's had to experience harsh criticism along the way, but it's made her stronger and ready for anything.

It's been too long since her fans have seen her, but at least they'll be seeing a lot of her now! Two great productions this season, and Park Han-byul promises to bring lots more...