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On Location December 13, 2019,



Unstoppable Comedy, “Unstoppable Marriage”

They're the family that made people laugh in theaters, ready to bring comic relief to audiences at home, too! "Unstoppable Marriage," with a better-than-ever cast with original players Kim Soo-mi and Im Chae-moo!
ON LOCATION takes you to the set of a sitcom that has been a header in entertainment headlines - "Unstoppable Marriage."

The atmosphere was lively on the set and the cast was in the middle of rehearsals.
The sitcom is about two young people in love and the conflict that arises between their VERY different families - Kim Soo-mi's nouveau-wealthy "no-voo'" clan and Im Chae-moo's traditional one.

Other cast members include F.T Island's member, Lee Jae-jin, as Kim Soo-mi's youngest song, "Four-hundred." Soo Young and Yu Ri from the group Girls' Generation appear in the drama as his school friends; no wonder there has been so much talk about casting in the drama - it's full of top idol stars!
Now, THIS guy isn't part of an idol group, but he's no stranger to popularity, ever since his level-headed performance in "Spring Waltz." This time, Seo Do-young tries his hand at comedy.

The second son, played by Lee Jung, isn't ordinary either.
He's pushy and argues about everything whether he's right or not. Plus, he has a temper! Simple and not too bright, "Mr. Wang Two-hundred!"
He takes after his mother.

Check out that convincing performance!
Lee Jung was able to digest his character well enough that it was almost impossible to believe he was just acting.
"Apparently, he has no problems with acting!"

Kim Dong-woo delighted "Coffee Prince" audiences with his upbeat, cheerful character. This time, he gets to play the third son and unstoppable in his wily ways.
Ever since childhood, he's perfected the art of being non-committal.

And here's a little behind-the-scenes tidbit for our viewers!
Lee Jung and Kim Dong-wook's characters are brothers in the TV drama - the closest two of the siblings. After spending all that time together, the two have become fast friends in real life. And as close as real brothers.

Another key aspect to watch out for is the fantastic on-screen chemistry of the brothers. The mother's love is focused solely on her eldest son, played by Seo Do-young. The lack of affection received from the mother brings her other three sons closer together, and their rapport is hilarious.

A family who basks in new money and new riches, versus a family who's all about tradition and conventionality. When they're brought face-to-face, step back and watch the sparks fly!
A brand new sitcom that'll make you want to stay home in the evenings, "Unstoppable Marriage."