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On Location October 02, 2022,



Big Bang's Showcase & First Fan Meeting

In just ONE year since their debut, they've become a group that won recognition as one of the K-Pop's best - Big Bang!
The group returns with their "mini-album," "Always."
Celebrating the release of their comeback album, Big Bang holds a showcase and an event with their fans!
ON-LOCATION spends time with the undoubtedly talented group of five - BIG BANG!

The location of their showcase and fan meeting. The two-in-one performance wasn't free, yet the 5000 tickets were sold-out. Evidence of 1-year old group's popularity.
So. Why were they holding a showcase AND fan meeting??

Finally, the curtains went up and the show began! The group started the performance off with a song from their "mini-album," called "We are Big Bang."
G-Dragon, Tae Yang, Seung Ri, Dae Sung T.O.P. The members of Big Bang. After a heart-racing stretch of glory, they took a six month break preparing for this album, "Always"...
SIX months for the new mini-album! And the boys were proud of the results.

Within FOUR day of the album's release, Big Bang fans were a frenzy!
The title track, "Lies," was a hit and it grabbed top spots on music charts on-AND-offline.
Big Bang member, G-Dragon, composed the music and wrote the lyrics for this Euro-house style piece, laced with trance. ("Lies" was through the roof!)

Also waiting for Big Bang fans at tonight's event was the FIRST showing of the music video for their song, "Lies." The crowd would get to see the members act for the first time in their lives!
Directed by Cha Eun-taek, the story's about G-Dragon taking the murder rap for his girlfriend and being hunted by the police.
The fan meeting followed soon after and it started with a surprise birthday party!
And the birthday boy was Big Bang's frontman, G-Dragon! The day before, he had turned 20.
5 THOUSAND fans congratulated him on his birthday!

For the past year, Big Bang has released three singles and one full-length studio album. They've even successfully wrapped up a large-scale national tour!
With the new mini-album though, Big Bang managed to find their TRUE musical colors. The members shed their boyish demeanors and returned to their fans as men.
They were pros on the stage and managed to pull everyone together as one. And everyone looked ecstatic under the roving laser lights.

Big Bang continues to push forward, demonstrating their unique style of blending rap and highly-mainstream melodies. Will they be able to exceed national boundaries and charm the rest of Asia? We'll be cheering for them as they challenge themselves through their growing career!
That was the showcase and fan events celebrating the release of "Always."