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Extra Plus March 24, 2019,
The Perfect Fashion Statement... Hair!
A major factor that affects anyone’s image! The hair! For female celebrities who are always under pressure and under scrutiny on their styles and physical appearances, the hairstyle can be easily manipulated attribute to make OR break their overall look! Long, flowing tresses on female stars get a thumbs-up without a doubt, but these days, there's a shift in the hairstyle trend! Right now, it's lookin' like short is in. Whoa... ! We're not talking about military buzz cuts!

The short hairstyle is coming in at a length of a shoulder-skimming bob - or a bit shorter. Actress Sung Yoo-ri got in the game early, she sported the bob during <One Fine Day>. Lee Hyo-lee made a strong statement, when she got rid of her long hair; And even fashionista Lee Seung-yeon lopped off her locks for a sassy-lookin' bob. After <My Lovely Samsoon>, Kim Sun-ah shed off the weight AND got rid of the long hair. Even Jung Ryeo-won, famous for her silky long hair, decided to opt for a shorter do. Many actresses are able to change their overall image with a simple haircut. Go Hyun-jung cut her trademark tresses for a new role in a drama. She cut her hair to play a vivacious and ambitious writer for a men's magazine. But Go played it safe. She didn't go too short. The actress trimmed her super long locks up to her shoulders, a nice length that can be styled in many different ways. Go Hyun-jung opts for a bit of body with a slight wave through her hair - A great style for her round face. Kim Hye-soo oozes sexiness and she surprised her loyal fans when she cut her hair short for the movie, <The War of Flowers>. Ever since her debut, Kim had kept her hair long and straight. As time passed, she developed a voluptuous figure and still boasted amazing hair. For formal occasions, such as award ceremonies, many female stars chose to sweep their hair up, but Kim Hye-soo left hers long and flowing. In the horror film, <The Pink Slippers>, Kim Hye-soo appeared with a slightly shorter hairstyle, but the look was a bit awkward... She managed to make it work when she went for a short bob in <The War of Flowers>. Often referred to as the "Victoria Beckham Style," this cut is favored because of its versatility. Styled one way, "sexy siren," and styled another way, it exudes, "a shy innocence." The hairstyle was the perfect prop for her seductive role in <The War of Flowers>. Actress Kim Ji-soo takes the cake for the softer romantically cut bob. She chose to get rid of her wavy locks that emanated a feminine mystique, when she joined Ha Suk-gyu for the filming of <Things Said in Love>. Her softly bobbed hair gave definition to her role as a quiet designer who copies luxury labels. A brave actress when it comes to new hairstyles, Jang Jin-young has never been one to flinch under a pair of trimming shears. For every character, Jang Jin-young will leave her hair very long, or cut it very short. In her new movie, <Between Love and Hate>, she sported a messily styled cut that has been catching on in the streets. This style is just long enough to be pulled back and is recommended for those who want a "no-fuss" hairstyle. Just wash and go! Even Han Ji-min has been showing off her shorter style in the TV drama, <Invincible Parachute Personnel>! Most of the women who have been donning this do are in their 30's but 20-something Han Ji-min brings a whole new flavor to the short bob. It seems to make her radiate with more energy and a vivacious manner. Her young teen queen image has been replaced by a vibrant, ambitious young woman. And we've got to admit, the hairstyle helps! Uhm Jung-hwa shocked her fans with her new hairstyle! We were getting used to the shorter hair while she filmed <Seducing Mr. Robin>, but all of a sudden she took it even shorter! On a TV show, she came out in a sexy outfit and a super-short haircut! In <For Horowitz>, she played a piano player with soft beautiful waves through her hair. Then Uhm Jung-hwa got it straightened for a sleeker image for <Seducing Mr. Robin>. It suited her businesswoman character. When she planned on releasing her new album, she needed something more dramatic and went super-short... And super-sexy! In order to make sure she'd be noticed during her long-overdue comeback! Uhm Jung-hwa took it to the extreme and showed us that short is definitely in.

It might just be hair, but you have to admit it does make a big difference in the overall image of any person. Hair stylists state that shorter hairstyles make a person look much younger and more modern than longer hair. It's a great accessory for anyone! Who's ready to welcome the fall season with a brand new wardrobe and a short, exciting haircut?