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Power Product
Power Product
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Woongjin Coway <Water Filtration Devices>
Woongjin Coway has maintained its number one position in the Korean water filtration device market for 18 consecutive years. The Coway brand is synonymous with pure water, and Coway also makes air purifiers and bidets to become a consumer appliance brand that provides a healthier living environment. Coway introduced the "Coway Lady (CODY)" system to guarantee quality water to its customers who use Coway filtration devices and rolled out the industry's first appliance rental business in 1998 to make Coway appliances more affordable to consumers. The company currently exports consumer appliances to over 50 countries including America, China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and others.
  Staff and Cast

Executive Producer
- Min Yong-eung
- Han Yong-kee
- Yoo Mun-hyun
- Chang Whan-bok
- Seo Ji-yeon
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