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DateSUN, OCT 26, 2014,  (KST)  zoom inzoom out
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Pops in Seoul
Pops in Seoul
World Ch. Schedule : Monday to Friday 18:30 KST
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  Enjoy listening the latest K-Pop music! Check out the latest music videos and the hottest K-pop issues online through 'Hot Off the Reel' and 'K-Pop Wrap Up' respectively!
BTOB (Wow)
This is the title track of BTOB's 2nd mini album, 'Press Play.' This song in the new jack swing style that was popular worldwide in the 90s has added more diversity to the current music scene. BTOB expresses confidence and shows its distinct style through this song, yet the familiar rhythm and witty lyrics fit with the latest music trend.
M/V O'clock
Ladies`Code (Bad Girl)
This is the title track of Ladies' Code's 1st mini album, 'Code #01.' Ladies' Code was formed with contestants from star search programs such as Kwon Ri-se and Lee So-jung and other talented members. The hit producer Super Changddai is the mastermind behind the title track 'Bad Girl,' which has a swing rhythm and a jazz melody that blend well with the fantastic brass sound.
Bust a Moves
Speed (Pain, the Love of Heart)
This is the title track of Speed's 1st album 'Blow SPEED.' It has a combination of a sensuous chorus, minor chords and a fast beat. The bass vibration and the guitar riff in the bridge accentuate the masculinity of Speed.
Ivy (Memories of You)
This is a soundtrack of the drama, 'Incarnation of Money.' Ivy's sorrowful yet sweet voice blends well with the lyrical guitar melody. It describes the first encounter and romance of the main characters of the drama, who were destined to be together.

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