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Date : 2013-08-09

First Dog-Friendly Beach Opens
With almost 1 million dog owners in the country, a city on the east coast is opening up its beaches to visitors and their pet dogs. The first dog-friendly beach is offering up open space for canines to run, fetch, roll and dive, all as they please.
Rock Festivals in Style
An action-packed summer getaway, we hit one of Korea's major rock festivals Jisan World Rock Festival to check out the what this year's style is for rock fans. From the studs and leather to the more unexpected looks, we take you to there.
DMZ World Peace Concert
Here at Imjingak, Paju ... one of the areas closest to North Korea ... a DMZ World Peace Concert is underway to mark the 60th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice. Top celebrities and fans have packed the venue ... more coming up in the show.

Invigorating Dishes in the Summer
With the mercury soaring and the final day marking the hottest period of summer just around the corner, we bring you chicken, loach and eels all in some nutritious meals to revitalize your body and give you some extra energy to combat the heat.
Staff And Cast
Staff And Cast
Executive Producer
- Kim Ki-chun
- Lee Jun
Associate Producer
- Park Tae-yeul
- Hong Byung-mok
- Ko Gil-soo
- Kang Ho-sun
Assistant Director
- Song Ho-young)
- Kim Ha-yun
- Park Sol-ji
- Kim Ji-hyun
- Yu Eun-seon
- Lee Eun-joo
- Kim Hye-ji
- Lee Jung-ah
English Editor
- Lee Jiy-eon
- Kim Chan-ju
- Robert Lee
- Kim Young
- Kim Min-jung
- Eoh Jin-joo
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