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* Date : 2015-04-03

KoreaToday Ep802
FIESTAR catapults into fame

With their new mini album girl group FIESTAR is back on stage and has catapulted into fame. They're getting their big breakthrough four years into their debut, and Denny Hong gets to spend some time with them on the streets of Hongdae.

Soul food for Koreans, kimchi

Kimchi will always have a special place on the Korean dining table. It speaks to the heart of Korea's traditions and reflects the past wisdom of those who created and developed the fermented vegetable dish into what it is today. Joe McPherson looks at all things related to kimchi.


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1792 2015-04-03 KoreaToday Ep802
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1787 2015-03-27 KoreaToday Ep797
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