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* Date : 2015-03-31

KoreaToday Ep799
Korea's Ebola Relief Team Completes Mission

Korea's Ebola relief team has completed its mission on 23rd. In order to prevent the spread of Ebola virus, Korea formed an emergency relief team and dispatched three teams of medical personnel. The final team has come back home in good health after threatening their lives with Ebola virus. We took a closer look on their fight against the virus at the frontline.

Various causes behind dizziness

Spinning ceilings, blurry vision, and nausea, these are just some of the symptoms associated with dizziness stemming from various causes such as disorders in the ears or brain. If you're experiencing persistent conditions, it's likely more than simple fatigue, so we'll look at some causes and treatment options with a doctor.

Bottomless food and better tastes

Eat all you can at some new joints around the country that are providing unlimited access to everything from lobsters, steak, and even desserts. These all-you-can-eat restaurants are offering better prices with improved quality in meals, and Alex Sigrist checks out the bottomless options.

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