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* Date : 2015-02-10

KoreaToday Ep764
Revival of Hanwriting

As the computers and smartphones rise with a slow death of handwriting, there is a growing concern about poor handwriting. So more people have started to keep up their calligraphic skills, trying to learn the right way. We take a look at the boom in calligraphy and how to write by hand properly.

How to manage your anger

Following a series of accidents and crimes stemming from an outburst of rage, more interest is on how to better manage anger and frustration experienced in daily life. Where does this pent up anger come from, and how do you take control of it? A doctor joins us with some answers.

Wearable thermo-electric device wins grand prize

A wearable generator developed by a team of Korean scientists took home a global award for the most innovative technology of the year. How does the body generate power? Derek Stelma meets the creator behind this innovation.

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