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* Date : 2015-01-23

KoreaToday Ep752
Changing Smoking Habits

Following the National Health Promotion Law amendment on the raise of tobacco prices since the New Year's day, the smoke-free zones have been expanded as well. These measures are making a drastic drop in cigarette sales and turning smokers to alternatives such as electronic and rolling tobaccos. We covered the new trends in smoking.

K-Pop tourism evolving by the day

With an increasing number of K-Pop fans visiting from all parts of the world, the K-Pop tourism industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Denny Hong will take you around some of the latest hot spots that are all about being in the heart of action. More coming up for your itinerary.

Change of scenery and tastes in Pocheon

It's full of tradition, arts and culture, and nature. We're going to take a trip to Pocheon where you can get all of this in one package, while trying out some of the interesting dishes and drinks that use local specialities. Joe McPherson will be our guide around Pocheon.

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