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* Date : 2015-01-20

KoreaToday Ep749
Unification Ministry's Policy Report for This Year

The Ministry of Unification announced the top 3 plans along with six tactics to prepare for reunification on its New Year's policy report on Monday 19th, as it marks the 70th anniversary of independence from Japanese colonial rule and the South-North division. We take a look at more details.

How to slow down aging in the brain

Do you forget where you've placed your car keys or your phone, not once but all the time? Many find their memory getting fuzzy and gray over time, but there are ways to help prevent and slow down this process. Brain massages and workouts are just a few ideas we have for you.

Advancements in Korea's drone technology

During the recent Consumer Electronics Show, one group of products unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, received a lot of attention. Why are they in the spotlight and where does Korea stand in this field of technology? Alex Sigrist has the details.

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