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* Date : 2015-01-19

KoreaToday Ep748
Anne Suzanne Vandana JOSEPH, Indian Activist for Women's Rights

Anne Suzanne Vandana JOSEPH is an associate professor at Lady Doak College in India and a defender of women's rights. She tells us about her visit to the Wednesday demonstration by comfort women and her efforts to address international women's rights issues.

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Icheon is a city that represents Korean ceramics and we get to see magic unfold as ceramics masters mold and add intricate details to their pieces. And if you’re sick of regular matches, check this one out between tennis greats, Federer and Hewitt. VIRAL FEED has all this and more.

What does "gomusin couple" mean?

We received questions asking about this term: "gomusin couple." Well, it has to do with people in a relationship who have to spend a good majority of two years apart. The who, what and whys are coming up on #CURIOUSINKOREA.

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