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* Date : 2015-01-16

KoreaToday Ep746
Korean American stand-up comedian Danny Cho

A popular Youtube series turned into a movie is set to premiere in Hollywood. We meet the the star, a hilarious Korean American stand-up comedian Danny Cho to talk about the life in Ktown in U.S.

Next generation K-Pop girl groups

A flood of girl groups have emerged on the K-pop scene in 2015 with many new faces poised to become the next generation girl groups. Leading the pack is HELLOVENUS, whom Denny Hong sits down with, and we also get a look at the evolution of these groups over the years.

Bundle of nutrition for the winter, maesaengi

January's seafood of the month for your health and well-being, is Maesaengi, chosen by the Ministry of Fisheries. The winter speciality is grown in pollution-free water and is a bundle of nutrition. Joe McPherson shows us some dishes and sizzles up a jeon in the studio.


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