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* Date : 2015-01-12

KoreaToday Ep743
Phone Interview
Preview of New Year's Presidential Press Conference

Presidential Park Geun-hye is speaking at her New Year's press conference on January 12th at 10AM. Korea Today gets analyses on her policy direction to be unveiled.

Viral Feed
Viral pictures and videos of the week

This winter, they say there’s a way to work touch screens without taking your gloves off – we’ll check out some useful tips like that; and take a look at some affectionate animals! All this and more, coming up on VIRAL FEED.

Winter, the New Moving Season

Normally, moving season is in the spring and fall, but these days, we’re seeing more people move in winter, right before the new school year starts! Why is that? We’ll get the details in a moment on #CURIOUSINKOREA.

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